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April 30 2012

Alexis Denisof is in the web series Little Women Big Cars. The web series starts May 7 on AOL online! I love that we're seeing Alexis everywhere now. : ) Original Buffy Kristy Swanson and Romy Rosemont from Avengers and Much Ado also star!

The trailer's also on YouTube.

(All the editing was me finding out that Kristy and Romy were also in it!)
(Also, this is my first post.)
I wonder whatever happened to that other web series he was in. Did it ever go live? I think Bryan Singer was producing.
According to this article it's scheduled to come out this summer.
This looks fun, even if I didn't know the actors--bu it gets major bonus points for casting both the Rogue Demon Hunter and the first Buffy!

Also, Alexis looks sexy with a beard.
Argh! I can't see anything on the linked page other than the header and the sidebar on the right with the short plot summary. Am I missing anything besides a picture of Alexis with his sexy beard?
There is a trailer for the series that can also be found on youtube.

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