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May 01 2012

"Joss Whedon: The Complete Companion" is out today. Think we'll learn anything new in this book?

Does it tell us his preferred breakfast cereal?
No because we read all the essays last year on the Popmatters site?
I do like the cover of this one.
Saying that, my copy turned up in the post today. It's a impressive looking book, better quality than a lot of these Jossverse books on the market. And the PopMatters essays have been revamped slightly I think?
Well the title came as a shock to me. Didn't know he was trained in that line of work.
Yeah, BringItOn, that was my first thought in reading the title, too. It brought a smile. And then I wondered what an incomplete companion might be.

(But, then, I'm a little addled today from sleep deprivation.)
Wouldn't Nandi be an "incomplete" Companion, since she left the training facility, and started her own business?

Not, of course, to be confused with the Companions of Valdemar, which are an entirely different beast. Literally.
Great, now all I can think about is what a "Tales of The Companions" comic series spin off would be like...
Simon: I wrote a bunch of stuff in that book. A good part (at least a quarter) of it is comprised of essays that didn't appear on the site. I did two 101s for the site, but the book also includes an in-depth retrospect of the IDW comics with me, Brian Lynch, and Scott Tipton and an essay I wrote about the role-reversal of heroes and villains in Season Eight and ATF.
My quickie review is here.

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