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May 01 2012

Avengers' pacing to fly past $500 million globally by Sunday. The box office news just seems to be getting better and better. As shown by this newer Deadline Hollywood story which suggests an even higher total of $585 million by Sunday.

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Which means it will have made back its budget mere days after its US release. I'm impressed. Then again, having seen it, I can't say it doesn't deserve every penny. Here's hoping for it to be the biggest-selling movie of all time, even if it's only until any of the other huge franchises releasing films this year top it.
I've bought my ticket ahead of time for Avengers 3-D on Saturday.... It probably wasn't necessary to pre-pay for the ticket, but it makes me happy to add to the success of Joss' Blockbuster!
Joss made a "runaway hit". Hurrah to that.
As I mentioned in another thread, there'd be additional tracking internationally, with countries with a holiday today.

Yesterday, was technically a normal working day in Brazil, and only a bridge between the weekend and the holiday today, but despite terrible weather in Sao Paulo, the malls and cinema ticket lines were packed. I went to check-out a high-end (price-wise) cinema I have nearby, and even that one was 95% full in their showing of Avengers.

ETA: Coming Soon has also an interesting article predicting US release, it also includes their mildly spoilery review for the movie.

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Proof that Joss deserves ALL THE MONEY to make his movies. And everyone said he would never be a "mainstream" success.
I also pre ordered tickets for Thursday's midnight showing and will be seeing it multiple times this weekend!
So, will this net Joss his "Dream Project" like Nolan and Abrams got? I think we all know what it would be if it happened... "Take my love..."
Or Goners...

(I don't know whether that would be a dream project for him or not, but it is probably something I would rather see. Serenity was good, but it just made me long for the TV series rather than more films.)

You guys in the US are in for treat when The Avengers arrives this week.
I still don't think another Serenity/Firefly movie will ever happen again. A LOT of stars would have to align for that. Probably too many at this point, with everyone's carreers moving forward.

However, I'm thrilled that Joss might get anything he may want to make made more easily.
Either way, there are going to be a lot of offers headed his way.
Half a billion after the first US weekend. Not a bad start. :D
As Joss said in his recent CBS interview, "This amount of money exists!?"
Wouldn't a "dream project" have to come from the studio(s) that Joss's hit (LOVE saying that!) is making money for? In this case, Disney and Marvel? Isn't that how it usually works? (This isn't an area where I am very knowledgeable.) All the unfulfilled or unfinished projects rights are held by other studios, yes?

Of course maybe he will get sufficient moolah to fund his own "web channel" like Geekandsundry. Maybe that would be his kind of dream project. He did say something to the effect that he was terribly interested in the microstudio stuff. Imagine an all Joss, all the time channel...
I think they should just go ahead and make Joss the Head of Marvel Studios.
This news? Pants peed.
In a recent interview, I think Joss pooh poohed the idea of springboarding off the success of TA to get his dream project made. He seemed to be burned out by studio politics (which is probably the reason he mentions in interviews that he didn't immediately say YES to Marvel when they asked him to make this gigantic superhero blockbuster) and seems more interested in pursuing the self-financed/low-budget under-indie aesthetic of Dr Horrible, Much Ado and Wastelanders.
Holy moly! I'm floored. I can't wait for the movie to arrive here (in Croatia). I might even lose my 3-D virginity for this one!
I think also is the fact you're only as good as your last hit. If Joss is allowed a big budget for a film, and it bombs. He's back to where he was before this thing. (Which, granted, is still a pretty fabulous place for a writer to be).
I know he joked about a Firefly kick-starter in an interview a while back, but could you imagine how quickly it would get funded if that actually happened?!
It would last about a day before Fox would close it. DAMN YOU REALITY!

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Entertainment rights issues always create the biggest entertainment wrongs...
Just bought my ticket for Friday!
Me too! Well, for Thursday night. I'm so excited.
Just bought IMAX 3D tickets for the Midnight Showing on Thursday Night/Friday Morning.

This is one of those rare times where I feel guilty working at a movie theater because I don't have to pay. Must support! I'll probably pay to see it in IMAX soon.

But tomorrow night! Holy crap!
Yep, got my midnight Thursday tickets last week. So excited. Marathoned the Marvel movies in preparation. This is gonna be fantastic.
I bought my ticket for Thursday midnight on the weekend and there were only a few seats left - it's in UltraAVX 3D so reserved seats. I expect I'll go see it a few more times after that! :D
Got my 3D midnight Thursday at this awesome old movie palace from the '20s that I love, and am BEYOND excited. I am going with just one friend midnight, but plan to see it with other friends later that weekend...

I admit, a lot of my excitement is just pure happiness that this is really happening for Joss.
I haven't bought tickets for the midnight showing yet because I'm not sure I'll have a way back home. The buses in my city stop running after 1 am. But I'm definitely going to see it early on the first day in fact I've taken off from work the whole weekend so I can see the movie multiple times.

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Got my midnight tickets. Freaking. Stoked. I know next to nothing about the original comics or mythology, haven't even seen two of the predecessor movies, but I'm excited as hell because I've been a Joss fan for half my life and can't wait for him to get the mass public recognition he SO deserves. And, this will also teach the action movie directors whose films can't outlive their opening weekends HOW IT'S DONE.
Bought tickets to the 3D version for Friday night. Bought 'em online, and they sent the tickets, in the form of a scannable QR code, to my phone -- a new experience for me. I am typing this FROM THE FUTURE.
Tin Ear Tom, was that through amc theaters?
Just bought my (2D!) tickets for Friday evening. Stoked.
Also, first post!
Long time Marvel fan, more recent Whedon fan. this is geek worlds colliding for me, so I bought my midnight ticket for the 2-D version the day they were announced at my local five plex. So stoked for early Friday night!
When I pre-purchased tix for Friday (DC area) I asked the theater cashier how well it was selling. She mentioned that the pre-sale tix were selling out so they opened additional screens for the movie.

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I'll be in London on Saturday for nine days. Can anyone tell me the best movie theatre in Central London to see the film? Unfortunately, it doesn't look like the big IMAX theater in the South Bank is showing it while I'm there (CURSES)!
I'm going to watch it in 3D with some friends, probably 5 of them. Then I hope to go again with a friend from another city, if I can get there and we both have the time. I'm just doing my part to help boost ticket sales and make it official that Joss is Boss.
Unfortunately, it doesn't look like the big IMAX theater in the South Bank is showing it while I'm there (CURSES)!

You know, I was debating seeing the movie in IMAX 3D midnight Thursday, just to be in the midst of the nerdiest of the nerdy. But it turns out that the only IMAX theater in my city (San Francisco, a fairly major movie market) is committed to showing Wrath of the Titans through the first week of The Avengers release?! I'm confused, and slightly relieved -- this way, I can do midnight screening with the lower key crowd at a grand old movie palace --but the programming IMAX ppl must be kicking themselves.

Last weekend, in its fifth weekend of release, Wrath made $1.98M, adding up to a domestic gross total of $80.6M. The Avengers might make almost that much in its first day of U.S. release.
I wish I could see this on Friday but I might be sitting on jury duty.I'm summoned Thursday.If I don't have to serve on a jury than I'm going to see it Friday.If i do have to serve on a jury than the earliest I can see it is Sunday.Tied up on Sat. but will squeeze in a trip to my comic shop in the morning for FCBD.

But I so want things to work out so I can see this Friday.
I'm out of town and busy all day for this whole weekend, so I'll be heading up the second-weekend charge. Joss keeps saying the second weekend is his job, and in my case he's done his work well...
Hopefully this well-deserved success will allow Joss to finance various indie projects.
Tonja J. I saw it at Vue Westfield (10 mins West of Central London, Wood Lane tube on the Hammersmith & City/Circle Line) on their "Xtreme" screen, which is kind of an IMAX lite. 4K digital projection and serious sound, it's not quite up there with the BFI IMAX in Waterloo but it is seriously good (either that or Odeon Leicester Square has a very good screen (don't knowe if they're showing it though).
Tonya J. I've seen previous Marvel films at the IMAX in the Odeon Greenwich. It's not quite as special as the one on the South Bank, but it's still IMAX, is running Avengers and isn't too hard to get to.
Oh, excellent. I guess our cinemas got their stuff together and opened it on enough screens in the end, then. And Cabin's still in 5th place here? I kind of love these recent weeks...

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Yeah, Cabin is doing remarkably well in the UK!
Jack Diamond, MobileHQ, Cheers! Now I have two choices. Can't believe I'm seeing The Avengers in London!
eddy, no, it was a Cinemark multiplex. The tickets were brokered through Fandango.

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For those who don't know, there's 2 kinds of IMAX screens. Real and "fake". In the US, there are only about 74 real, you know them by the 2 story tall screen and much larger than normal theater. The "fake" ones are much smaller (but bigger than most regular screens) but have the same sound system.

It's not playing on the real screens because it wasn't filmed or upscaled, and, as mentioned, Wrath claimed the screens first. Studios have to book those real IMAX screens at least a year out. I just wish we had a real IMAX less than 75 miles away. The Los Angeles area has 4! (5 is you count the Science Center).

FYI: "fake" doesn't mean they aren't IMAX. Those theaters pay for the name, sound system, etc.

ETA: I got my 3D midnight tix (group of 6). Planning to see it in IMAX 3D Friday night (at least 4 of us), 2D Saturday afternoon (with a group of about 10), and probably Sunday as well (another group of at least 4).

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Remember when we thought this whole Joss + Avengers thing was potentially a cruel April Fool's Joke

My head is imploding with can't-wait-ness
Joss articles, interviews, profiles, discussions everywhere, 24/7. Reportedly brilliant Avengers movie in T-minus two days, with even non-fans (both of Joss and the source material) counting the hours. Horror genre injected with a huge shot of adrenaline by TCITW. Another Joss movie in the pipeline, and likely more Dr. H before too long. Things hit the front page of The Black, then get pushed off within hours. What the holy hell?

Did I fall asleep?
For a little while

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