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"Sir, I think you have a problem with your brain being missing."
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May 01 2012

Masters of the Whedonverse. A CNN blog looks at why Joss' work inspires such devotion from fans.

"I always hear fans confessing how much they value being treated as intelligent..."

That sums a lot of it up for me. I watch a lot of shows but few can hold a candle to those in the Whedonverse. I just finished rewatching the whole BtVS series (which I fell in love with 11 years ago), and I'm still discovering new levels to it. Most shows can entertain well enough, but few strive to be as inspirational and challenging as his.
Fantastic article! A breathe of fresh air in the splurge of articles about Joss that are so condescending about his "fanboys".

If I never heard the term "fanboy" again I would die a happy man. Also a jetpack would help.
Agreed - if I never hear the term 'fanboy' to describe Joss Whedon's fans again, I will die a happy woman.
I imagine that's why people respond so passionately to Community as well.
"With a little of his own Joss ‘Grr, arghh’ flair."

Heh, this may be one of my favorite quotes of ever.
@DreamRose311: Ahh! I was going to post that quote too. Curse your sudden but inevitable betrayal !
@DreamRose311 I wish I could hear the audio of Adam saying that, to hear how close he sounded to the real 'Grr, arghh'

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