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"Angelus is on his way here now. He's very cross."
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May 02 2012

The Geek Shall Inherit the Earth. Check out the complete GQ magazine article about Joss Whedon, that was hinted from the Cliff Chiang's artwork last month.

Good feature. Is that the first specific detail about Joss' Batman?
Very good article.

Though it does list Damon Lindelof as a "Buffy co-creator."
And yes, Simon, I believe that's the first specific detail about Joss' Batman. Not sure how that would have played, actually. Bruce would have gotten his ass handed to him before years of martial arts training and all of that.
And apparently we're a "Message Board"....
I've never known Joss' mother's name before.

My last name is Stearns.

I choose to believe I am related to Joss and nobody can tell me different, no matter how much ancestor research is done. ;o)
@ UnpluggedCrazy
Why does a lack of training mean young Bruce'd get his ass handed to him by bullies? I've only been in a couple of fights in my life, both before I studied martial arts, both against guys at school. I won both fights & I'm a hundred-twenty pound woman who was somewhat smaller those two decades ago.

Half of winning a fight with a bully is deciding to be a fighter instead of a victim. & most of bullies don't have training either.
Hey Joss,

My mum loved Buffy (and Angel) and she was 65, and we would watch it together :)
That was a quite nice article, though I like it better when it's a little more interview-y...

I have pretty cool parents... when I was in high school we watched Buffy/Angel/Firefly together; they were in their late 30s. Also we're all going to the midnight showing of Avengers together.
Hm, anyone else having sudden trouble loading the GQ site? Maybe it's just me.
Honestly, I like this format. I love when Joss gives interviews too, but it feels like recently there have been so many that I am very used to him repeating himself with different jokes.

And despite the Lindelof "co-creator" gaffe, I actually like that the article contextualizes Whedon's career to what is probably a mixed audience. Yes, he primarily works in genre but his fingerprints are all over pop culture.

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I enjoyed this article very much. It felt fresh, even though it doesn't really cover any new territory.

I'm not 65 yet, but my daughter and I watched Buffy together. She was 3 when it came out, and I would cover her eyes when the vamps got staked (although she eventually asked me if she could watch one to see what it looked like, and when I let her she matter-of-factly said, "Now I know")

I'm probably on a bad mom list somewhere for letting my toddler watch Buffy, but my daughter's 19 now and pretty dang awesome, and I think Joss gets some credit for that.
Hmm...guess I'm the only one who kind of hated this article? Seemed a bit condescending to me.
Some sweet quotes in there!
This article really highlights the struggle Joss (and his devoted fans!) have been through in past years, and brings home how long we've all been wandering the desert so to speak.

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