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May 02 2012

(SPOILER) Second Post Credits Scene for The Avengers. Be warned spoilers on what to expect for the new scene for the US release.

Wasn't Tony Stark's Shawarma line based on Nicholas Brendon's post-audition suggestion?
When I saw that picture my mind immediately jumped to: "they're on Serenity!!!!??" ... this totally reminds me of Serenity's kitchen.

I got really happy ... then I got really really sad.
*sigh* ah well...
This is a slap in the face to all non-US viewers.
Well, I'm a non-US viewer (seen it three times, so far) and I'm really excited there's one more scene to see!

Still it would be nice if Disney/Marvel just put it online (maybe for non-US viewers only, for a change!)
I don't feel slapped in the face.
I feel annoyed. What was the other after credits scene?
The US version has both. I'm pretty sure it will be on the DVD. Also, I suspect this was filmed at the LA premier a few weeks ago, so likely too late to organise for int'l.

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Yeah, the version of the film that went out internationally had to be finished completely two weeks before the release date. Since this was filmed after that two-weeks-prior date was up, they didn't really have the option of adding it in for overseas.
I guess I paid whole price for an almost-whole movie. Classy.
Someone get it on Youtube already for us plebs who forked out our hard-earned for it and don't live in America.
@Skytteflickan88 The first post credit scene .

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It is a slap in the face or, better, a middle finger. I do feel insulted.
Are you kidding? I don't understand why this is a big deal. A great movie can't be undermined by a short unseen post-credit sequence without dialogue surely?
The director feels the scene should be part of the movie experience. That means he means for the audience to see it. Many of the audience, despite paying for the movie, won't see it. It's not great.
I don't feel particularly slapped in the face. I got to see the movie earlier than the Americans, so I see nothing wrong with them getting an extra scene for waiting. I can see the scene when the blu-ray drops.
Thank you to Odin for making me not go crazy. At first I thought the complaining was just a joking nod to some of us angsty, bitter Americans about having to wait a week and a half longer than everyone else.

If you're serious though, I guess which would you rather have? Seeing it first or seeing what will probably be a small gag scene that will show up on bit-torrent a day after its released?
I pay for a ticket, with money i earned with hard work, and you are getting more than me for no real reason. Im not saying it ruins the movie, or that im not going to sleep tonight, or that my civil right have been violated. I dont even care about the importance of that. But i will never understand why i should have to explain to anybody why such a pracice is unfair, and why i have all the right to feel cheated and bein, in context, pissed off. And im not gonna, cause its so selfexplanatory, it would be a waste of time.

And no, as one who waits MONTHS for american movies to come my way, i dont feel the pain and horror and devastation of waiting one whole terrible week justifies them having an extra scene.

Again, context, people, context. Its not a tragedy, and the movie is still awesome, but hey... Not Gorram Fair.
I'm cool - I've seen the movie twice and loved it and knowing this scene exists doesn't diminish that. It'll be on the DVD :)

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I prefer to see the scene on imax and not on a shitty cam on youtube, even if i have to wait not one, but two weeks.

Of course it doesnt ruin the movie; my piss offnes is directly proportional to the importance it has. But its there.

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I'm cool with it being on the DVD. The DVD also has 42 minutes of extra scenes which joss took out the movie.
Darkness, perhaps we don't use the boards the same way. When I get to see things at roughly the same time I can participate in conversations here, add things, and take away things. To me, that is half the fun of the experience and I enjoyed it with Dollhouse.

When I'm forced to wait weeks, if I'm trying to stay spoiler free, those conversations have happened by the time I get there. There usually isn't some brilliant reading that only *I* get. So yes, I lose something in that exchange. YMMV, but I do get extremely annoyed when I can't chat about things as they've happened.

You lost something, I lost something. The tragedy here is we weren't asked which one we'd prefer to lose. Someone made that choice for us.
I could understand being annoyed if the scene was completed in advance and was purposely left off international prints but the truth is it was filmed at the last minute and wasn't completed in time for the international release. Other than time travel, what's the alternative? Not letting anyone see it? Take comfort in the fact that it'll be on the DVD/Blu-Ray and on YouTube within the first 24-hours of the American release.

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"you are getting more than me for no real reason"

Well, that's not quite true. There's a very real reason--it was physically impossible for them to insert the scene into international screenings in time for the international release date. I think it's less a matter of "Oh who cares about those foreigners" and more about, "Oh shoot, we just had this great idea for a post-credits scene, quick let's shoot it, maybe we can make the American release at least."

I'm sure if they'd had their druthers, it'd be seen by everyone everywhere. But it's just not possible.
It's possible Marvel/Disney/Paramount might provide the after credits scene to international digital theatres that missed out on it originally because it's as simple as downloading an additional file.

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India got the best theme song. They totally win in "Best Avengers Experience." I think we should go best 2 out of 3 to really settle it though.
I'm surprised they even released it in India. Can you really top Robot?
I mean, of course, a reason of some... importance and validity. Im sure they have there reasons to do it. Im sure they didnt wake up one morning and say "Lets gorram spain. Why not. We were at war more than a hundred years ago and its that kind of morning."

If you have a great idea and you are gonna screw the entire world... You should thought about it before. Or at least put it out there in good quality in a few weeks so that foreigners can watch it decently, and not in a cam. And if you dont, its still unfair.

Azzers, i understand you competely, but i am sorry, you are getting a scene im not getting, and you a waiting a week to watch the movie is, as an excuse, lets just say NOT good.

Again, its not the end of the world, and i am wasting on it more time that it deserves, its really not a great tragedy or anything: but, despite the importance of the scene, its not fair. And its a cheat. And to say that its all right cause you couldnt use this boards or had to wait for an entire week... Frankly, for a spaniard that has to pay fees to import Firefly, couldnt watch SErenity on a cinema cause... well... its not america, and has to download Josses shows, and pay more than you to import his comis, cause, youi know, Spain is not america... Its a flimsy excuse.

But hey, all in good humor (sort of). I know its a bigger issue for some and a lesser for others. Its really more the principle of it, you know, for me. I dont take it THAT seriously.

I understand what both of you mean, and i hope my lack of a perfect english doesnt make me feel too serious or agressive, if so, i apologize; blame it to lack of skill rather than malice.

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This was filmed just after the Premiere? I thought at the Premiere that Chris Evans had a beard, and Chris Hemsworth didn't?
Continuity must have been interesting...
Darkness no offense has been taken, I assure you.

My honest opinion is this, in these days of digital distribution and especially with what will be international properties with international fan bases, I don't believe there should be any localization (I mean besides dubbing or subtitling if necessary) to be honest. Harry Potter, The Avengers, and Star Wars are all examples of properties that have fan bases that communicate internationally very quickly.

The distribution schedule really is a leftover from a time when we didn't have friends in the US, UK, Europe, Asia, Austrailia, Japan etc. waiting for the same event. Why spend the extra money for concurrent release when no one from each market is talking to the other? It just doesn't reflect reality anymore. I don't think that's necessary for all films mind you. But anything that heavily intersects "geek" I would highly recommend a uniform concurrent release. And if Rowling can open book stores around the world at 12:00 a.m. on the same day with the same text, I don't know why they can't do the same with a film.

And I'm not unfamiliar with the concept that American movies are distributed locally often months in advance. It's just an irrelevant appeal because the American market does not also calls dibs on other market's cultural products. I don't get Pan's Labyrinth, Y Tu Mama Tambien, La mme, or Let The Right One In before the local markets. I ALSO have to import a large number of foreign films and television if I want to see them because unless there's a local distributor, I'm screwed. Would I flip on "QI" on the tele? Yes. Can I? No. We have the same problem, but with Joss specifically this is the first time I've had it.

TL;DR It's like we're both complaining about the same thing, I'm just not sure why we're having an argument over who got the shorter end of the stick.

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Considering how amazing the experience of watching the full-length movie was, I don't see any reason to complain about not being able to see bonus footage. It'll be available online eventually. Joss says relax.

And c'mon, we got two and a half hours of The Avengers. This bonus end-credits scene? Not much in comparison. Isn't everyone already blissed out on the movie itself? I know I am.

This so-called scene isn't even small potatoes. It's dehydrated imitation potato flakes. I'm gonna be over here appreciating the golden experience of the movie itself.
Holy bananas. There was a massive Los Angeles press conference for "The Avengers" on April 12 (day after the L.A. premiere). Robert Downey Jr. said they were shooting one more scene that night. Joss Whedon said Robert Downey Jr. was joking. Looks like Mr. Downey was being serious and Mr. Whedon was trying to prevent premature information leakage.
It's Thursday and it's still not being screened here in Heidelberg :-o but I'm going to see it in a neighbour town during the next days :-D and no, I don't feel slapped, because I probably won't see the second additional scene in the theater. I'm happy for you folks in the US for being able to see it as soon as "The Avengers" finally hit your theaters. I'll just wait fr the DVD for that.
@GreatMuppetyOdin I had the same thought when I read that. That was on the Buffy bonus disc for the massive set right?

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