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May 02 2012

Historic Texas Indie Film House will screen The Avengers in 35MM. Theater known mostly for showing older and independent films will show Avengers.

The theater here in Portland I'm walking to for tomorrow midnight is a 35mm house.
I think the last time I was at the Texas Theater I was watching Nosferatu and The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari with live piano. It's a fun place.
That I like.
I'm going to see it at the Grand Lake Theatre in Oakland, CA, a great old movie palace that is still playing recent releases. It's an awesome theater w/ live organ music before even shows:

It's really hard for independent theaters to survive, so I admit, I've been trying to shift my business to them.
Can anyone more tech-savvy than me about these things enlighten me on the significance of the "in 35mm" portion of the headline? I'm intrigued and confused.
@MobileHQ Celluloid 35MM film in movie theaters is fast becoming a thing of the past. At this point over 80% of theaters now are showing films digitally.

All the major studios are soon going to not offer 35MM prints for new releases. For more insight read the article "The Death of Film"
Huh, I thought digital showings were still pretty rare.

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