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May 03 2012

Roadshow Films decides on a small Sydney/Melbourne theatrical season of Cabin in the Woods. CitW will be getting a limited season starting June 14th at the Cinema Nova in Melbourne and the Chauvel Cinema in Sydney.

Hopefully we see something similar in the other states.

Thank the powers that be! I'm so happy a little concession was made!
It's not as good as a full release, but it's a little victory for fans anyway. Hope most people on here get to see it there!
A step in the right direction but doesn't really help us outside Syd/Melb. So, let's keep making noise!
best best best! cannot wait
Better than a slap in the face with a wet fish.
And everywhere in Australia that isn't Sydney or Melbourne is ignored yet again.
Typical. Apparently no one sees concerts or small release films outside of Syd/Melb in Australia. They're lucky Perth and Adelaide don't just give up and boycott all forms of entertainment in retaliation.

If Nova is playing it, why isn't Palace Nova in Adelaide? I'm really surprised the Mercury isnt showing it, they only show non mainstream stuff and definitely show horror flicks
Melbourne's Astor Cinema has announced they will show it one night in July, they don't have the date yet though.

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