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May 03 2012

Music video for Soundgarden's "Live to Rise" track from The Avengers. It's strewn with fab clips from the movie so if you're still trying to stay completely unspoiled, best stay away.

The song is a real grower.

Really like the song, as the only song from that inspired by Avengers album, that's actually in the movie. The album grew on me, but is quite random and clearly another money milker.

For those interested in reading these kind of things, here's the complete Press Release about the release of this music video.
Soooo damn good having Soundgarden back together! That song is incredible, although it's pretty obvious that Chris has been influenced by his Audioslave years quite a lot. Live to Rise could very easily have come from their first album. That said, it's still very much a Soundgarden song too! And how strange is it seeing Matt Cameron back behind the drums for a band that isn't Pearl Jam? That guy is going to have a REALLY busy 2012, in the best way possible!

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