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May 03 2012

Joss Whedon on comic books, abusing language and the joys of genre. Another great interview, this time courtesy of Wired.

We’re about to make another small budget movie based on a script of mine that I’m not directing, Fran Hill’s directing. And my wife and I created a studio based on the idea of, just get it done.

What movie is he talking about?
The first day Kai, my wife, asked, “Are you happy?” And I smiled so hard I broke my face. Literally my lip just split. I was happy but maybe not hydrated.

Hee. And aww. And yes, great interview, thanks.
I can't believe how much great, new stuff is in this interview with an extremely interviewed man. Enjoyed it more than the resulting article.
I love that when they say "whedonesque", it is hyperlinked to , well, here. Kinda curious of how these mentions have affected the site traffic lately.

Can somebody please count the pop culture references in Firefly?
Shouldn't naming a certain weapon Lassiter also count? (smirks)

But what a fascinating interview, I love that the interview format was kept.
Ah, I didn't know Joss wasn't directing. IMDb says the director's name is Brin Hill.
Just an excellent interview.
Yeah, I think that might be a Wired typo or something. The director is definitely Brin.
I enjoyed his riffs of logic. Like the reason why Brian Michael Bendis hasn't died yet (despite the "fan" letter), or how he killed might kill the fan-embraced Hulk in an unexpected non-action way.
Whedon: Objectification and identification are at war but they’re at war in the way that people are, that narrative is, that creates art and humanity and life. Like they have to be at war. You have to root for the girl and the monster. It’s something nobody wants to admit. Nobody ever wants to admit that there are two sides to anything. They either want to be right or — no, they just want to be right. Sorry, I don’t know of that many people that want to be wrong. But the truth almost always lies somewhere in the middle.

Lovely interview until I got to the above paragraph, the very last one, and I'm just -- Joss can still shock me with how smart he is. Seriously. I've had thinky thoughts like this and still have never explicated it as perfectly as he did right there.

Life is a weird conflict between two opposites and we live in the weird amorphous area between everything. Like, that's humanity. I think that's what he was trying to get at with Dollhouse but FOX gutted it with glee and abandon. Sigh.
What a great interview. the interviewer really knows his stuff. I do wish that Joss would stop saying that the fans didn't like Dollhouse. Some of us liked it a lot. I had problems with some of the casting but the idea of it and most of the episodes were excellent.
A lot of us did like Dollhouse (including myself), but probably not a majority. I remember how controversial was back then, especially with fans that were expecting something from Joss, but getting another thing altogether.
And after these few years, comparatively it doesn't get the same positive tracking that say Firefly gets.
Fascinating interview. Some things went over my head due to that hole in my upbringing having to do with comic books. But Joss's insights into life are always interesting and thought provoking.
I think by "All the Time In the World" he emant "Time Enough At Last."
Wow, that was a great interview. Joss seems to be opening up a lot more these days.
Gah! I had scrolled down and saw there were four pages, but didn't know I was on the 'view all' page. So it just ended, I thought there would be more :o/

Still, probably one of my more favorite interviews thus far. Also - “Honey, I accidentally created a Fox show.” <3.
When he started getting into the film theory stuff, with Robin Wood and Roland Barthes and etc.--well, let's just say I used to think I wouldn't ever love a writer more than I loved Joss. And today I learned that there's a writer who surpasses that, and it's... still Joss.
How wonderful is it that the interviewer is as smart and knowledgeable as Joss (even to the point of offering a contrary opinion) while never once needing to shine the light on himself? I also appreciate the lack of the typical fawning and gushing. Great great interview. I am sure we got so much new material from Joss because he felt he was talking with someone who would understand and appreciate what he had to say.
I really dug this interview although I slightly disagree on his point that idea that Whedon tries to let everyone shine/honoring everyone in his fictional world.

While he does do pretty amazing stuff with ensemble casts there are some points where there are these characters that are kind of non-entities. (It's cruel to pick on the group, but the Slayerettes in season seven of Buffy.) That said, it's just as surprising that there's so much world-building going on that in other projects there can be totally minor characters who get surprising amounts of perspective and hints that they really do have fleshed out lives of their own. (I think one of the best examples was the luchadore mailman on Angel's last season)

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