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May 03 2012

Joss Whedon - the interview. Why it's another fantastic epic interview, keep 'em coming.

"You're also an adjective: "whedonesque." That's true, although I'm not sure what it means."

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1. of or pertaining to any works created, directed, produced, edited, or rewritten by Hollywood Golden Boy Joss Whedon even if he doesn't get the credit.
2. writing that often ends with the killing of a much beloved characer, i.e. That's a whedonesque story, since Bob was beheaded.
3. writing that often ends in the destruction of a much adored romantic relationship. i.e., the whedonesque finale broke the hearts of shippers everywhere.
4. dialogue that uses language metamorphazied, often with "ys," to reflect cultural norms as favored by Joss Whedon. Often, includes new definitions of words. For example, "shiny" now means awesome, in addition to the the ability to reflect light.

Often used as adverb whedonesquely and past participle, whedonesqued.

Feel free to add and edit folks! We need to clear this up for our fluffy overlord. And yeah, fix my def cause I am a weak link here.

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“The Dark Knight,” for me, has the same problem that every other “Batman” movie has. It’s not about Batman.

He nailed it. That movie is about the villain to the detriment of the hero. Avengers is about the Avengers.

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What? No "Why you write such strong female characters" question. Reporters, I'm disappointed at you.

Please keep these interviews coming, wished these happened back in 2005.
I knew Dr Horrible did well but i was still surprised to see it made over $3 million.
Dr Horrible making $3M is awesome news. It means that it's very likely that Joss made more from Dr Horrible (5 months of effortless work with friends and family) than he probably made from The Avengers (2 years of grueling work, some of it spent months away from home and family).

Kinda incredible and yet awesome.
I'm aware that my ticket money and also any money I spent on related merchandise of Avengers movie, will go mostly (if not almost all) to "Misney", but if all of this reflect into giving Joss more freedom and power, as an direct effect of the acclaim, it does make me more glad I spend that money.
Looks like a yummy article and I'm about to read it now.

I'm going to see The Avengers tomorrow... Can someone answer my question? (I didn't know where else to ask it.)

I haven't seen the other Marvel superhero movies leading up to this. Will I be lost, and is there any basic info I should know before going in the theater? Thanks in advance!
Ronald, I think you will be fine. I still haven't seen Thor or Iron Man 2, and I understood the entire plot.
Re: the Buffy reboot -- "My feeling is it’s good and it honors what “Buffy” set out to do, then that’s great, and if it’s bad, then it will probably make me look cooler. So it’s kind of a win-win."

Never thought of it that way, sir! A good perspective.

Also I am insanely pleased that Dr. Horrible was so profitable, as it bodes well for Bellwether's future productions... I'll confess that he's right to be wary of self-indulgence, as I think that may be the problem, or part of it, with the BtVS comics. But I think he's on much more firm ground with film-making.
Excellent interview, and the fact that Joss and I think that Batman Begins is clearly the better move than TDK feels awesome. Also, fantastic that they got such a ROI on Dr Horrible.
That may be the most comprehensive, wide-ranging interview of Joss that I've ever read. Kudos to the interviewer for asking great questions that elicited answers to things I never thought I'd hear about - Dr. Horrible $ amounts, for instance.
@ ashvsdeadbite: Heath Ledger's character was in "The Dark Knight" for only around 20-some minutes. This is one of the times I disagree with you AND Joss, it was about Batman being forced to go to dark places by a villain who has no limits (and it's pretty clear since Batman has more screen time). While Ledger was a force of nature in that movie, it was about Batman and Harvey Dent's journey.

On the other hand, I like the fresh questions. None of the repeat questions that directors and actors get assaulted with during the EPK interviews.
I meant to comment on this earlier but forgot...

I'm somewhere inbetween Mcjw and Joss/ashvs. It was certainly less about Batman than Batman Begins was, but it was still very much about him. For reasons that Mcjw beat me to. And also I think it's about him trying to find his limits against a limitless villain in addition to the dark place bit.
Hm, twas indeed a good interview. I have to say I really wasn't a Batman fan until I watched Batman Begins and then I finally understood Batman for the first time, like why he was so cool. So yeah, I think I liked it better for that.
"I grew up small and afraid of everything, and apart from the fact that I’m no longer small, nothing has changed. Every moment that I love is the moment when a character basically stands up and says “I have the right to exist.”"

This almost made me cry. Thus is exactly how I have felt most of my life. Just when I thought I couldn't possibly love this guy any more, he says something that resonates in the very centre of my heart.

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