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May 03 2012

Joss Whedon makes an appearance on BriTANicKdotcom. Joss Whedon makes an interesting career choice.

Joss is such a cute, sad bird. Also, my first post!

Awesome wackiness from these two, even more than usual.

And Joss is a great actor...he does deadpan so well.

Congrats willhollis on your first post. An epic one!

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That's absolutely hilarious! Looking forward to seeing the two BriTANicK guys in Much Ado...
This was pretty hilarious. I'd never heard of BriTANicK; I'll have to check out some more of their stuff now!
@LazyDolphin, I highly recommend BriTANick. You won't be disappointed.

Is the ability to use the restroom (trying to stay on-color being an interesting act of “creation”) an analogy for writing/film making? In light of the fact that Joss has doctored scripts/received little credit/had his own creations micro-managed by others?

"Pay no attention to the script doctor...he's just a...BIRD!"

If that is the case, this is pretty frickin' hilarious.

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Aren't they in Much Ado?
I believe they are, yes! My goodness what an awesome way to start the workday. Like ending each day with a fresh Joss interview wasn't cool this rate I'm thinking Joss wins the Presidency in November.
Yep, they're in Much Ado. This is nicely bizarre. Fitting timing, too.
@Sunfire, it was that post of Joss's that introduced me to BriTANicK. When Joss asked them to work with him on Much Ado, they about fell apart with glee.

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Are we already allowed to declare 2012 the year of Joss Whedon, cause I am ready to do that.
Okay, it was funny - mostly due to Joss's deadpan-ness and inclusion. It was such a perfect WTF. (The tie is the wonderful touch. When does Joss EVER where a tie?) But I must confess to not understanding the never-dying fascination with toilet humor. In 6-7 year old boys...okay. But from adults? *yawn* (Monty Python, admittedly, can do no wrong and is my grand exception.)
Put a Joss on it.
Seeing this in the morning and then The Avengers tonight makes this an awesome day.
Ha, South Park did the 'you're using the toilet the wrong way' thing too recently! Wonder what's going on there...
Going to get a sound-bite of Joss saying 'tweet' and get my phone to use it whenever I get an @ notification. :)
Thanks Hera. Usually, I'm just a lurker, but this was too good not to share. :)
After pulling an all-nighter, this is exactly what I needed.
"That's a hipstery bong." Hee!

Also loved Joss's forlorn look when shoved outside.

"No no no no! That should be your new name!" HAHAHA!!

This is going every. where.
This was amazing. I've loved BriTANicK ever since Joss turned me onto them and now Joss is in one of their videos and just... wow. This is some weird stuff. And awesome. This video + no organic chemistry today + The Avengers tonight = great day.

Thank you, world.
I agree with the others, I did not know that saying "tweet tweet" could be done with dry sarcasm like that.

I've enjoyed BriTANick for a long time. (Some of there stuff was linked when the Black20 site was still active.) Did not know they were in "Much Ado", but that is just another reason to be excited.

The video reminded me of the Cracked article on public restrooms. Except for the twist ending.
Did anyone else just sit there wondering why they never noticed how SKINNY he is now?! WTF?!
It is part of his community service? I thought it was something he was contractually obligated to do to promote 'Avengers'.....
Not just you, Robin. To me, between his weight & hair, he looked a bit like Ron Howard there for a second.
If you haven't seen their Award Winning Movie Trailer, you haven't lived. I found that a while ago and love it so.
Yeah, I think maybe the movie trailer is still my favorite - although I confess that sometimes toilet humor like this just hits the spot - and Joss as a pot-craving Consultant Bird (or Toilet Doctor) was just delightful.

And yeah: the timing of this had a kindof a nice symmetry to it.
I read in an interview months back that they had done a sketch video with Joss in it and had always wondered when they were going to release it. Now I know they were probably waiting for the release of The Avengers. Probably; one can only assume. I follow both Nick and Brian on Twitter so when they tweeted last night that they had a special, influential guest star, I knew it had to be Joss.

Robin, I too watched it and thought, "Oh wow, he's so thin."
I love Joss' forlorn expression when he's on the outside looking in, hand sadly pressed against the glass door. It made me think of Angel watching Connor through the window in Home. (I just wanna teach you how to pee, son!)
I am SOOOO happy to finally see this! Brian and Nick were mean and decided to tell us this wonderful video existed back in early November, and then continued to tell us it would be up 'soon' on a fairly regular basis. They are pretty much evil for doing that to us and I will never forgive them. I guess I will just have to watch this video over and over as a way to mend my broken heart.
I was reading the comments on YouTube after watching the video and was spoiled for The Avengers. So thanks (not at all) to that jerk who spoiled a plot point of the film. Ugh.

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