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May 03 2012

A look at Joss Whedon's rise in popularity. "Joss Whedon doesn't belong to us anymore. He belongs to the world now."

Funny, I just posted some interviews with him on another board I belong to, and said that I was sorry but no, world, you can't have him. We saw him first.

Over the moon for Joss' success, but not sure I'm ready to 'lose' him to the masses.

Not that I have anything to say about it, just feels... lossy.
So Whedony, and yet it made me want to go watch the first episode of Studio 60.

There's a monthly get together of fans of Whedon in my city, that I've been trying to get to since January, but something always causes me to end up missing it. Looks like it's going to happen again this month too... Anyway this article suddenly had me wondering if a small gathering like that is going to start growing big time because of this... Interesting...
A touching article to me. Yet, world fame simply had to come to Joss some day. Everything else would have been - unjust.
Just like there were only like 150K people at Woodstock, yet millions of people claim they were there. In a few years, EVERYONE will be claiming to have been a Joss Whedon fan all along.

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I think he'll always belong to us in some way. He's been part 'mine' since I was 11 and watched Buffy for the first time. So for him not to be just ours is going to take time getting use to but I'm just so happy and proud of him for his success and recognition which is long past due.
I said the other day that our fandom is about to turn into a popular tourist destination and I think that is probably going to be true. A lot of new people will decend on us. Some will stay and join us, while others will go back home, coming back occasionally when a new project hits the screen. We will expand and change. We won't be the same again, but I'm not sure we can anticipate how much we will actually change. Joss's way of looking at things will still be difficult for many people to appreciate. I would not be surprised if many who love the Avengers will look at his other work and simply feel that it just isn't for them.
Indeed a touching article. But I have to wonder, what does the "us" even mean? At what point could one have become a part of this "us"? In 1997, when Buffy came out? Or in 2002, when Firefly came out? Or in 2005, when Serenity came out? I don't think The Avengers marks the end of an era at all. People discovered Joss through Firefly, then other new people discovered him through Serenity, and others still after DH, and after Dollhouse, and now after Cabin... it's an ongoing process.

Tying Joss' work to the time of its release does an injustice to the work itself. I found Joss just three years ago, watching Buffy on a whim. Should I consider myself a part of "us" or not? I wasn't around to see Firefly get cancelled, but don't I feel the monstrous injustice of it every time I watch it?

Of course it's nice being part of a "secret society" but frankly, there will always be more people who don't know Joss' work than people who do. It's just that the community will be a bit bigger and, considering the ever-increasing number of projects to talk about, a lot happier.
This was a really well written article! Gave me goosebumps a few times. All I hope for is that his "new found" fame will give him the leeway to produce many more of his own stories. Getting something new from Joss at least once a year would be awesome.
I'm all for more people falling in love with Joss. Spreading the joy is a good thing.
prettymaryk - I think the "us" refers to anyone that has discovered Joss in a non mainstream way (in other words, any one that discovered him from anything other than The Avengers... so yes, you too). Erg, I had other thoughts but I'm having trouble wrangling them. So I'll leave it at 'and what that could entail.'

Also part of those other thoughts is something along the lines of 'not saying this is going to be bad, just very strange and different and interesting'

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I know. I've been trying to come to terms with it. People get excited about The Avengers, and I just wanna rant and rave about Joss Whedon to them, but then I remember what he says in interviews, that it's not supposed to be about him. It's about the work. Let people respond to the work and come to appreciate him on his own terms. I feel like I've been safeguarding this extraordinary secret for over a decade, and now, finally, the truth is out. Joss Whedon is getting his long overdue public recognition.
You can rant and rave about Joss to them. Why shouldn't you? It's still a Joss Whedon film. Buffy is bigger than Joss too, he's just the one that drives it.
Once someone saw me on whedonesque and knew who joss was cause of buffy. that was the only time a 'norm' has mentioned joss to me.
the only other people I know are the friend who introduced to buffy,and my brother who I introduced to whedon.IRL,I mean. obviously I know a lot of people online.

Now I've seen people talk excitedly about Avengers and it's strange, cause I've been following the comics for a million years and Joss for longer.

I do hope that this means more people will know the amazingness that is Joss. Dr Horrible,Firefly,Dollhouse,Buffy,and beyond. cause they are all awesome and I want them to be known, but I guess it is a bit scary,like will they appreciate him properly?
I'm sorry, but doesn't Joss get a say in this? Unless he starts doing only big mainstream movies, his fanbase is probably going to remain mostly geeky. I mean, more people wil know who he is,enjoy his work, but it doesn't mean they'll rush out to see Much Ado. I agree with those who said people discovered Joss through Firefly, Dollhouse, DHSAB, etc. Those people are, in general, thesame type of people as the orgininal fans. And that's the same here. Anyone who takes the effort to go back and watch all of Joss's previous work becuase they love his new stuff so much can't deny they're as non-mainstream oriented as the rest of us.

And in that case, I welcome new fans, for they'll be no different than the rest of us. Those who really appreciate Joss... really appreciate Joss.

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I don't know how to feel about this. I just suppose it's "selfishness" to want to say "well, I had him first!" in an ex-boyfriend kind of way. Kind of like being obsessed with the Arcade Fire since 2002 then hearing their song at the end of the Hunger Games movie.
I've been trying to explain the way I feel about Joss not being "ours" anymore, the only thing I could think of to compare this to is the way I felt being part of the early punk scene when CBGB's was my 2nd home circa 1977 and The Ramones were just another awesome band I saw a million times (I got jumped in my home town because I was wearing a leather jacket and a Ramones shirt, didn't matter that I was a skinny girl)... it became weird when they became so well-known but I had that strange feeling of pride, like "I'm so happy for my boys but do I have to share them with the world???"
But in the long run, the world will be a much better place with a lot more Joss Whedon in it.
Oh hell, I'm just so giddy and happy for Joss and us!!!
Sorry, but he does belong to me, or that certificate of authentication is total BS.
My worry was more about the inevitable tearing down that happens when someone is lauded for pretty much anything. Then I started to think about it. He's got a house that is 20 times nicer than where I live, a gorgeous partner, uber talented family and friends with nice noses, he's obviously smarter and funnier than me, so why the Hell am I worried about him? He'll be fine.
I've been a fan of his long before I knew his name. And I don't mean that in a hipster sort of way. Just that I'm kind of clueless and unaware a lot of the time. But now that Avengers seems to be an OK flick, (I'm guessing based on what little buzz there is online...;) ), I'm assuming that there will be more Joss stuff in the future and maybe now people won't mess with it before we get it. Or mess with it while we are getting it. And then cancelling it before it's done. So, bring on the masses, I say!
What concerns me though is actually the fandom getting too big to feel like, uh, home? (Yes, I'm getting sappy. Shut up.) So, yeah. Whatever.

ETA: and he probably doesn't make typos either.

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Happened to catch to glimpse of Joss with the Captain America shield in someone's paper on the train. 2 pages in the DC Metro's Express!

I would argue, Joss has never belonged to his fans, and that change is inherent to the communities that have formed in response to his work. I think it's pretty cool he's made a big movie a lot of people seem to like, that is also pretty well aligned with his own interests. I think if we define ourselves in terms of the obscureness of our interests, we're setting ourselves up for disappointment, anyway. Culture's always changing.
I completely understand the "lossiness" of sharing our beloved Whedon with the masses. But seriously, folks...wouldn't the world be a much better place if more people were Whedon fans? Think of all the marvelous, valuable, tickle-your-heart life lessons Whedon's works have taught you (taught US!) over the years. And now, maybe, fingers crossed, multiply that by millions for whom The Avengers becomes a gateway to exploring all things Whedonesque. Imagine if millions more got to know Buffy or Mal as role models. If millions more started questioning if the status is really quo after all. If more people start behaving, as Angel says, "as though the world were as it should be, to show it what it can be." Don't we want the whole world to have these images tumbling 'round in their heads and hearts as they go about living? I know I do! I hope The Avengers wins over as many new fans as possible. I say share the love!

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