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May 03 2012

Avengers releases at midnight tonight in the States. That little art house film should be showing in a few theaters tonight. In case you forgot.

I know there is usually a post for releases, I thought we needed one (Don't hate me, Simon!)
I have 3 tickets for the Midnight IMAX 3D showing (we like our Ds to be three) and I'm taking my 13 and 17 year old daughters. We are all VERY, VERY excited.
Midnight, IMAX. Going with 10 of my best friends/Whedonites. We're all either wearing our Buffy tshirts or Avengers tshirts. I have never been more excited for anything in my life :)
I have people hanging out at the apartment all day, then we're heading to Brixx and then the 2D showing. Just me and twenty of my closest friends. Oh, and I will be wearing my " my master now" shirt.
Doing the 2D showing tonight with my roommate. Good times ahead!
Also rocking the "..master now" shirt tonight! Got my 4 tickets already, thanks to Union Square's willingness to devote three theaters to "Avengers" :D
Wonderfully Whedonesque Americans. Have. A. Blast.
5 for tomorrow night, including 2 12 year old boys. It's my son's bay so we are doing pizza and cake first.

I don't have a Whedon's shirt but I have a nerdist one, that'll work.
I wanted to go tonight, but my stick-in-the-mud-can't-stay-up-till-three-am husband got tickets for Saturday instead. I guess it wouldn't be sporting of me to sneak out to the theater tonight without him.
Due to the intricacies of babysitting for our youngest, I have to wait until Sunday morning but the wife and I are taking our oldest kids. I think they're tired of hearing about this from me, quite frankly.
I'll be there!!! And I can't. Freaking. Wait. I've been waiting for this moment since I first saw the Whedonesque Tweet about the ComicCon announcement that Joss would be helming the project. FINALLY.
Can't do the midnight movies because I have to be up very early tomorrow. But I'm wearing my "master" tee to a late-morning showing. With all the positive buzz, I'm looking forward to some fun.
Luckily getting into a free screening this afternoon but I've already bought tickets for me, my BFF and his girlfriend for Saturday night. May see it again on Sunday...
I'm at a conference! So I'm going to see it Monday when I get home.
Me and my boyfriend are midnight bound...hopefully the number of posers and obnoxious teenagers will be low...
Midnight showing in UltraAVX 3D. Thank goodness for reserved seats so I don't have to stand in line for hours!

Thinking of wearing my cabridges-designed baseball shirt that says, "Whedon's Bitch and proud of it" with all the attendant activities that that implies (watching his TV shows, buying DVDs, etc.) written behind. (Designed prior to Serenity coming out.) Either that or my Mutant Enemy shirt or one of my CSTS ones. (I have many, many Whedon-y choices, including an original Whedonesque shirt.) :D
Today is our day Whedonites!!! Enjoy!!! :D

Will be at the IMAX 3D showing with my 10 best friends! :)
go forth and squee!
I really have no idea why they've given it less seats than Iron Man 2 - it has much, much stronger tracking numbers, and it's bested it in every single other country so far on release.
Some cinemas may have closed since Iron Man 2.
I also really wish the number tracked was screens instead of theaters. Just because it is showing at fewer theaters than the other six on that list doesn't mean it is showing on fewer screens...
Going tonight to see it in IMAX with my boyfriend. And wearing my Firefly t-shirt. I can't wait!!
Yeah, I think I'll have to go tonight (2D in my own small town theater), AND on Saturday I'll get out to the 3-D version! I'm really excited about this weekend (and I'll finally read all the 'spoiler' threads here at Whedonesque!).
Has anyone ever heard of there being 3 am showings before? This is all so unreal. Also earlier today Fandango was already reporting 1000 sold out screens. Which has caused me to start looking at this stuff (if anyone remembers from Cabin release time - I'm WAY OVERLY AMUSED by this kind of stuff)

Around an hour ago I found out the screen I'm seeing it on got sold out, and now I found out they added a 3am viewing on that screen. Watching the number of screens that are getting sold out is nuts. The only Real Imax that is showing it in the area had it's 7pm Friday night showing sold out a while ago, and within the last hour the 1015pm Friday night showing sold out... It's so incredible to see. And surreal.
went to see it for a second time today.

I guarantee you all are gonna have one hell of a good time.

...they should actually screen the intro bit from Serenity before the movie that ends with River saying "we're going for a ride" 'cause it fits so well :)
I'm seeing the movie in 3d at 12:15 at the epicentre in uptown charlotte. Its a really nice theather so I'm pumped!
I've my tickets for midnight 3D with a friend, and plans to see it next weekend (2nd weekend is Joss's responsibility!) with the peeps who couldn't make a midnight screening because of boring adult responsibilities.
In my town of 75,000 people, AMC is doing the midnight showings in 2 cineplexes, on a total of 6 screens (2 of them in 3D). I predict a sellout :D.
My movie starts now!
Just got back from it. Guess I'm moving to the spoiler thread. Also, @eddy - Just saw it in Birkdale in Huntersville! a Whedonesquer in my county!

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