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May 04 2012

(SPOILER) The backstory behind The Avengers' secret new scene. has the scoop on how the second post-credits scene came to be. Btw Empire Magazine just tweeted "Disney have just confirmed to us that the second post-credits Avengers sting will NOT play theatrically in the UK".

That scene is pure genius, and is a truly Jossian postscript. It made me very glad I'm in the habit of waiting till the end of the credits of a movie to see if there's anything else.
I'm kicking myself for not staying those last few minutes after the midnight show... but I'll be sure to stay when I go tomorrow to the 3-D version (because I do have to see it when the Ds are 3). I loved bringing us this inside scoop along with some nice video of everyone talking around the table. These are big name actors with huge careers, but they are as charming as our BDHs, and they obviously cared about their work and respect Joss.
Their banter is amusingly Avengers-like, actually. I love it. Can't wait for the sequel :D
Very sad that it won't be there when I go see it again tomorr night (thats the price we pay for getting it ahead of the US I guess) but hey then there is even more to look forward to when the blu-ray is released.
Joss hit it out of the park. Extra scene was a nice laugh at the end. Like a little sip of espresso after a meal...something nice to have rolling on your tongue as you exit.

What really got me was the size of the many people working on this film and everyone reporting to his Purpleness. Really great job.
alexreager, that really struck me too. Gives you a great feeling to see how many hundreds of people were employed bringing us such a wonderful work of art.
Aw, that's a rather adorable bit of context for the scene, and a nice insight into their group banter. (Love Mark Ruffalo accidentally shooting himself with the Iron Man toy.)

I've now seen a blurry version of the scene on youtube, but I think I will need the dvd to better appreciate it in its proper place.
The problem is that the fact that scene is not in my country has nothing to do with consolation praises about me seing it one week earlier; it has more to do with the fact that i saw it one week earlier because they wanted to do more bucks, cause in my country last week was a long vacation.

In the end, rich people wanted to be richer, and i cant see that scene in my cinemas. Thats kinda sad, as far as reasons go.
I didn't expect Disney to get new prints for international markets, hoped for, but didn't expect it to happen. Well, already signed up on Amazon for them to let me know when the BD/DVD will be available for purchase.
I'm really not complaining - if it was a 'let's make America feel more special' thing then I might be bugged, but as it seems to have been simply an 'I've had a cool idea but we're running out of time to do it' thing, I think the fact that we got the rest of the film early pretty much balances it out. The film was still great without it, after all.
Darkness, you sound surprised a movie monster (studio, distribution, theater owners, etc.) wanted to make more money.

I heard they released it early in many locations outside of the US to avoid bootleg copies flooding the market before the official release. Anyone else hear that rumor?
Early bootlegging was a minor factor taken into their consideration (cause bootlegs appeared anyway and US viewers could get them before US theatrical release), otherwise the ideal strategy would be just do a worldwide release on a single date for both US and most of the major international markets, which is what happened with most of the Harry Potter movies, and I believe been happening with the Twilight (ugh) series, and I believe is what is slated to happen with The Hobbit Part 1.

Disney's strategy was more in line with what Universal did with Battleship, which had an even longer gap between the 1st international releases (not as wide as Avengers, but still some major markets) and the US which won't happen for another 2 weeks. A little bit of early buzz, but also taking advantage of holidays in several of these markets, which included national holidays as early as April 25th, to a lot of markets taking advantage of International Worker's Day on May 1st, which did turn into additional revenue for the movie.
They couldn't show it in the UK without having it go through BBFC certification again.
@bivith Why? Are American eating habits THAT contentious?
They couldn't show it in the UK without having it go through BBFC certification again

They could have pushed it through the BBFC process quickly if they wanted .The BBFC is very flexible in that regard for example a couple of years back they issued a cert on Dec 24th for an opening on Dec 26th .
How rude of them to say "Read on, but only if you’ve already sat through The Avengers until the end of the credits (or if you’re a joyless, spoiler-craving churl.)"
The little scene at the very end is super-cute. I'm sad for all the overseas peeps who didn't get it.
[SPOILER] Fun fact: the number of search queries for "shawarma" on Google has had just a bit of an uptick recently -

Related? I'd like to think so.

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Reading the credits, I felt kind of left out. From the number of names, I seem to be the only person in North America who didn't work on this film :)
My dad works in computer graphics, so he always stays through the Pixar credits to see if he knows anyone - I asked him if he recognized anyone in this one, but he said there were too many names to tell...

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