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May 04 2012

Buffy, Xander and Willow go to see The Avengers. Whilst we're in the middle of all the razzmatazz, here's some mashup art to gaze upon.

This made my day.
I found this really endearing.
Made me think of the picture that Maurissa shared with us through twitter:
So sweet. Of course Buffy *would* be Steve Rogers.
Now who gets to be Thor? Though Giles would be hilarious, I think Anya would be the best fit.
I loved the stakes inside the shield :)
I like this one too from the same site:
404 errors for me. I would really like to see these!
Yes same error for me :(
Pretty much the same error for me; i saw it earlier, so its nor my country nor my server.
I get a "Page not found" error. I think it was maybe taken down. :(
The image appears on the front page of the site, 4th image down.
HA! Love this. Although I don't really see Buffy cosplaying along. But come on, someone slap a blond wig and a hammer on Angel already!
I changed it to a direct link temporarily. Same site, but maybe traffic has crushed the artist's account page?
That's awesome.

Also though, Xander didn't have a patch over his eye. This, in addition to knowing "The Avengers" is available in 3D, made me think of the line, "No one will ever make me watch Jaws 3D again!"
Also though, Xander didn't have a patch over his eye.
Poor Xander. Right about now everyone thinks he's cosplaying NIck Fury.

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