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May 04 2012

(SPOILER) Avengers Director Joss Whedon on Doing Right by the Hulk. Another interview with Joss! Mostly about The Avengers, though what excited me the most was Joss saying television is still on his radar.

Because Joss Whedon makes the best television known to man.

Okay so I am calling this right now. The Dark Knight Falls will come, and go, and most likely be all sorts of impressive, but job done, trilogy completed. But The Avengers will REIGN; Because it brings back Fun. (And yes that was a capital F.) Fun! And that is what cinema is all about. Isn't it? Isn't it? Once again, thank you Joss, our Overlord.
The Hulk really stole the show.

Again, I can't say enough positive things about the film. The Dark Knight Rises will be a force to be reckoned with though! I am just happy that Comic Book films are doing so well at the box office!
Disney, Marvel, Hollywood, Universe -

Please, offer Joss Whedon an obscene amount of money so that he will agree to do another Avengers Movie. WARNING: He may be too noble to accept such money. If that's the case, try flattery. Kiss his hands and feet. Tell him he is a god among men. Tell him he makes you want to change your sexual orientation in a good way. I don't care what you do or how many lines you have to cross. Just make this happen!
A world where Robert Downey Jr and Mark Ruffalo Are picked to play what are actually epic geeks AND with writing as great as what we have in the Avengers is a world I actually have hopes for.

Did that make any kind of sende outside of my head?

I think Marvel and their execs would be complete and utter fools to not get Joss back for the sequel. They have an option on him for it and they probably don't even have to pay him *that* much money -- and from interviews and such, Kevin Feige does not strike me as a fool. I also love that Joss has said the sequel needs to be darker and more personal, the Empire Strikes Back to the first movie's Star Wars.

The thing is, I wonder if Joss will be content to play in their sandbox for X number of years. Remember, The Avengers took 2 years of HARD work. It all depends on when Marvel is planning to roll out Avengers 2; it takes a solid 2 years to make it, right? So if it's announced for 2015, it means that Joss has maybe a year off to do his own stuff before he goes back to Marvel.

I think a four year gap, 2016, makes more sense. But I'm not a corporation.
Egghead, they could always offer him Serenity 2, haha.
I think Joss is pretty much a lock for the sequel. I also think he should have a presence in all the intervening movies (kinda how Favreau was an executive producer on Avengers) but not direct them, as it is easier to get a different vibe for the different titles with different directors (and you can't really argue with what Favreau did with the 2 Iron Man movies, and I really, really enjoyed what Kenneth Branagh did with Thor).
Maybe I haven't been keeping up, but do we know how much/which bits of Captain America were from Joss? Watching it at the marathon yesterday it was the only solo movie that never made me check my watch, and I was struck in particular with how funny it was. The movies that led up to it didn't get much vocal audience reaction, but people were laughing throughout Cap's film. This interview made me go, aha! just how much of that was due to His Purpleness?
I will bet my hat that the scene in which the little boy, used as a hostage by the baddie, gets thrown in the water and Cap races to save him, only to see the plucky kid treading water and saying, "Go get him!" -- that was Joss.

Also, "I'm from Fresno."
I cannot believe after reading all the kudos today and yesterday that I was COMPLETELY IN AWE of Whedon and the Avengers after seeing it tonight.

And the Hulk was the best Hulk since Bill Bixby in the 70s. I love the Hulk and now want a Hulk doll.

The punch, oh my the punch, I just loved it.

If you haven't seen it, go as soon as you can. It's been worth the wait and the endless posts, leaks, and spoilers.

Now I have to go to sleep, yeah right.
I want a Mark Ruffalo Hulk doll too!
"because it also happens to be a sequel to five different movies". Loved this.
This movie was great! Never cared for The Hulk before but now I love him. A lot.

That balance thing that I am always praising Joss for was shining brightly in this movie. Other writers should take a lesson from the Master that we call, Joss. :)

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