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May 04 2012

(SPOILER) USA Today "assembles" the core four Avengers for a roundtable discussion. "While the group displays some serious compatibility issues onscreen in The Avengers, no punches are thrown during a spirited superhero roundtable with USA TODAY. In fact, they are downright deliriously happy the day after the star-studded Hollywood premiere, the first time each had seen the movie."

Hemsworth: There's one big shot where they did a 360 circle around all the Avengers. At the time, that was all green screen. I was thinking, "Wait a second, why didn't we shoot this in the middle of New York? This is the shot." But last night it got the biggest applause. It worked. Whether you doubted it at the time, (director Joss Whedon) pulled it off.

I laughed at Downey not knowing what the bad-guy plot is. Also, hi! First potentially spoilery Avengers post I've commented in, I think.
I seriously love these 'interviews' where these guys are all together talking nonsense. I just love feeling that I'm hanging out with them.
Yeah, it's just nice to get a vibe of their group behaviour and believe that they actually enjoyed themselves making (and watching) the film.
I am just amused that the actor's life is essentially so fragile. All of them signed up to do the movie and just hoped it wouldn't suck. I mean, RDJ is a major movie star and he put his career in Joss's hands, to some extent.

And then they see the movie for the first time at the actual premiere! And it works! And they realize: whew, it does indeed not suck.
There were some critics that comment on Loki's plan (or lack thereof) as well.

I thought Joss handled that one well enough, when he had Cap and Iron Man figure out Loki was driven by ego and revenge, and so Loki's choices would not necessarily be the best.
I hope Chris Evans actually sees the movie at some point! That way he can watch the "I got that reference" line land and be reassured that it is in fact hilarious. :)
"There was a lot of snickering and off-color jokes about the leo part of my tard."

I already loved Ruffalo so much, as an actor and a human being. But his junket chatter on this film somehow ratchet it up a few more notches. Didn't think it was possible. <3 When I want to go to my happy place now I just imagine he/RDJ/JW sitting around making each other giggle during the downtime on set.

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