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May 05 2012

Get your free Buffy and Serenity comic books today. The first Saturday in May means Free Comic Book Day. There's a Buffy/The Guild flip book (penned by Andrew Chambliss and Felicia Day respectively) and a Serenity/Star Wars flip book (both stories penned by Zack Whedon) up for grabs. Hopefully there's a comic book store in your area that's participating.

Both flipbooks are fun reads.

Hm, was hoping for free digital downloads in the near future. Is that at all likely?
I think someone said here that it might be happening. Dunno if it would be free. They certainly would be collected in future tpbs.
@Simon Thats what i am expecting, probably bundled in with the Volume 2 or 3 tpb.

Although do we know if the earlier digital mini comic "magical Mystery tour" Will be bundled in Volume 1?? If not would be cool to have the FCBD comic and that together in a future tpb.
Dark Horse has one of last year's FCBD issues on their Digital service, and yes, for free. (The other one was Avatar: The Last Airbender then. They don't have anything of that available digitally, so that may be a licensing issue.)

The main purpose of FCBD is to drive people to comic shops, though, so maybe they'll wait a while before they put it up.

Both issues are recommended, by the way. I liked the similarities between the Mal Reynolds and the Han Solo story (although not having at least a pin-up with the both of them together is a real missed opportunity).
GOt the Serenity, Buffy and the DC "New 52" comics. looking forward to reading them later...especially the Serenity. (Stop teasing us DH and give us a Serenity monthly!!!)
I'm super excited for the Buffy issue :) what a nice little teaser for Wednesday. I love the concept of this day because it does drive people to their local comic shop and most comic shops have great deals today too. Gosh... First Avengers, now this. It's been a great weekend :)
Got the Buffy/Guild flip book :) but missed out on the Serenity one :( Still, Forbidden Planet was giving away kids bags so my girlies are happy, and GOSH in Berwick St (London) did a 'draw with the artists' session which my younger one really enjoyed!
I have my copy of the Buffy FCBD issue.I'm putting my thoughts in spoilers since there is not spoiler warning on the thread.

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I e-mailed darkhorse a while back, and it will eventually be available digitally. I assume for free.
no buffy/the guild at my local forbidden planet store
Local FP had no free comics left at all by noon, were giving away Prometheus / Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter double-sided posters (Prometheus side up) as consolation gifts.

But hey, I go to the comic shop regularly, and I'd merrily buy these particular comics anyway, I don't need an incentive and am therefore not the target audience, so I don't mind eBay-diving.
These flip books had new content in them? :( Both of my stores were out of those, and the Transformers book I was looking for, as well. I didn't think FCBD would be that popular, or I would've tried to find a way to get to a store before we went to the theater for a certain incredible film about some avenging types (as opposed to the other pretty awesome film he also has out right now - !) by our favorite mega-genius....

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If something is free, go early as a rule. Peeps love free stuff.
Got Serenity and The Guild/Buffy. Was pleased to see the employees at my local shop chose to display the former Serenity side up! Some stormtroopers were out front. I had an idea to take a pic with me doing a Force-choke on a trooper, and then go to the Apple store to recreate the pic doing a Force-choke on a blue shirt. Ah, comic book day.
Local shops were out by the time I got there. My own fault, really, I wrote an article for the newspaper about FCBD. :)
I missed the Serenity flip book by ten minutes. :( But I managed to get two Buffys - one for me and one for my Orthodox Jewish friend.
If you got both books, be sure to read Alabaster: Shelter, which is split between the two, and then just go start picking up Alabaster: Wolves.
I really love the Buffy story! I wish all of season 9 could be like this. I know, everyone else would hate it and say not enough was happening, but I really enjoyed it, I thought the art was great and the jokes funny and the characters as they should be and

I liked the guild story a lot too, but I really didn't like the art, personally.
Went to three stores and couldn't find either (or the other three titles I was looking for). I would expect/hope that the Buffy one will be available later in print, as there will be plenty of collected S9 volumes coming up. But I'm not sure where Dark Horse would be able to put the Serenity story? Are there any upcoming new Serenity stories with which this could be packaged?
I finally went to a free comic book day and had it confirmed why I don't go to these things. My son and I wandered around the store a couple times feeling totally ill at ease and unsure what to do and then just left. It wasn't a waste because it reminded me why I don't go to comic book stores.
We showed up right when the store opened and got Buffy, Serenity, and a Transformers. Our store had a one-book-per-person rule, so if there hadn't been Buffy and Firefly options I would have had a really hard time picking. I wanted all of them.

I really enjoyed both stories. I thought the Serenity comic really nailed the dialogue especially.
I was waiting with a few other die-hard fans when the store opened and I got the Serenity, Buffy/Guild, and Avenger free comics (but I was disappointed in the Avenger comic, I foolishly thought it would tie in to the movie opening the same weekend!). I didn't see any posters on offer (I would love to have a Lincoln Vampire Slayer poster!) but I did get a Lego poster promoting the Avengers at the movie theater... so pretty much it was an awesome comic-book-related day!
I went to two stores-First to Golden Apple for the Guild Cast/Andrew Chambliss signing. I brought my almost 1 year old son, and most of the Guild cast was super nice and they all signed my book and goo gooed at my son. Andrew C. and Felicia didn't even make eye contact with me; they just grabbed my book and signed it assembly line style. I found it kind of strange, but there were a lot of people so I won't hate!

As for the comics, I enjoyed both of them; I'm not a Firefly super-fan (I much prefer the Buffyverse) but I think I actually liked the Serenity/Star Wars books a tad better.
I had already made arrangements with my comic book shop to save a free comic for me which I'd pick up when I came in to buy Buffy 9 this coming Wednesday.

Today I had a massage and right next door to the spa was....a comic book store! So in I went and out I came with the freebie, which I read before my wonderful, relaxing massage.

Both the massage the comic were fabulous. Buffy story but WAAAY too short. They should have thrown out that story in between Buffy and The Guild. Also, having them in the same book made me think: how fun would it be to see the Scoobies hanging with The Guild in a goofy one-shot like this? Maybe next year!
No throwing out Alabaster.
The Serenity story was nice. I love having a further continuation after the movie. But... I need more!
Lovely Buffy story. Goes well with the Mystery Tour.

FCBD stories are available now in DH's digital store.
Thank you, I'll do a front page announcement about that.

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