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May 05 2012

(SPOILER) 'Growing Pains' child star has small-but-important 'Avengers' role. Article about Ashley Johnson (who guested on Dollhouse), 'The Avengers' and 'Much Ado About Nothing'.

I actually really disliked her cameo. I found her character (both of them actually) in dollhouse to be flat and unlikeable, and, having only saw her in those, when she showed back up in Avengers I was a bit put off. She always sounds like she is about to cry to me, and it bothers me. Not happy she is in Much Ado...small, small role please?
Didn't Ashley's "Waitress" character have Pym on her name-tag? Could she be playing "The Wasp" in Edgar Wright's upcoming Ant-Man movie?

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I completely disagree Tumnus. Her 'Caroline' outshined Eliza in my opinion, and her little tv bit in the Avengers was pretty resonate-y. I just feel like she's actually a good actress.

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Barry, I think her nametag just said "Beth."

As I watched, I was wondering why she was given such a prominent role... I'm wondering if she had more scenes that were cut, or something. Or perhaps Joss just likes her a whole lot.
I thought that she was being positioned to be Captain America's love interest in the future.
If the movie version of Janet Van Dyne is going to be even remotely like the comic book character then I'll guarantee you that this wasn't supposed to be her. Janet really wasn't a waitress kinda girl! ;)

Not to mention, unless this was meant to be her after meeting Hank, she wouldn't be a Pym yet anyway.

I can see her being set up to be Cap's love interest though. Definitely within the realm of possibility.
You see, I thought that she may have been Peggy Carter's granddaughter...
She wasn't referred to specifically by name but I'm pretty sure the female SHIELD agent at the end of Captain America was supposed to be Sharon Carter. I'm certain that I read somewhere that that was the intention.
Her name tag was definitely "Beth", I was looking for it. Trying to figure out why she looked so familiar, and had not made the "Growing Pains" connection. (Credits would have been more useful if she was listed as "Beth the Waitress".)
I think she was given such a prominent role just to be the face of the rest of the regular humans. One person to represent the rest of New York so they didn't have to spend a lot of time on that.
OneTeV - You and me both. I was nagged by the fact she seemed so familiar to me, but couldn't place how I knew her. Huh.
I never saw her on that show, I just remember her from "What Women Want" I think it was called. She was somewhat whiney and annoying there, so I never liked her. But I figured, if she is good enough for Joss, there must be more to her, so it was time to stop connecting her with that movie and just give her a chance.
Ok, unless I missed it in the article, what was the "important" part of her role? Small I get.....important not so much. I felt like Lioness and krissyjump. I thought she was being positioned to be Capt America's love interest in CA2 and is somehow related to Peggy.
Irishgirl: Read danregal's post four posts above yours. He hit the nail on the head. Anything else is just wishful thinking.
I remembered her primarily from What Women Want. Another Whedon snag I caught was Enver Gjokaj as one of the policemen.
I kinda wonder if, to further danregal's point, Ms. Johnson's role isn't supposed to tie into the part of the Agent Coulson/Capt. America convo on the QuinJet where Steve makes a comment on the Stars and Stripes being old fashioned and Coulson responds with the remark about the world needing some old fashioned heroics.
I saw her on avengers and I'd been wondering where else I'd seen her!

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