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May 06 2012

Tom Hiddleston, Mark Ruffalo and Chris Hemsworth on TV Total with German talk show host Stefan Raab. From German television, but the "interview" portion is in English. Very silly.

I couldn't get it to play yesterday, but it's working now, so I guess it's not for Germany only (since I'm in Sweden).
For some reason the band found it fitting to play the Superman theme, and it seems Raab made an effort to completely avoid doing even the tiniest bit of basic research, which lends to a bit of fun confusion.

So funny, these guys are having way too much fun!
Such attractive young men.
I'm so jealous, the show's being produced in my hometown. If I'd been there I definitely would've bought tickets to the show! Even if Raab's absolutely inexistant pre-interview research was somewhat embarassing, it kind of helped freshen up the interview a bit. Was definitely very amusing.
The Avengers junketing is turning out to deliver more awesome sillyness than even X Men First Class... and that's saying A LOT for adorably talented actors doing press for superhero movies.
I did like that he asked the most obvious question that no one else has. How did they prepare to play gods? Did they talk to other gods?
Hiddleston and Hemsworth have a bromance going on, just saying.
Great, but the presenter seems rubishly underprepared and un-informed...
All talk shows need steerable desks and guest chairs. That was a delight!
First clip in a long time I've watched all the way through. And loved the Superman music.
wtf pony advertising?
I had to google that pony advertising thing, it was just too confusing. And somewhat intriguing. So, what actually happened, is that the Green Party wants to stop pony riding at fairs, etc. During a speech, the leader of the Liberal Party criticized the Green for wanting to ban so many things, like cigarette advertising for example. Then he was supposed to mention the pony rides, but accidentally said pony advertising, which has caused a wave of jokes on Twitter and so on. That's all. And apparently, before the guys showed up on the show, Stefan Raab had presented a few clips that showed what pony advertising could look like.
Oh Stefan, Stefan, was war das denn - what the hell was that ?? Those three guys were a lot funnier than you. Stefan Raab is always silly, but when is the border crossed from silly to poor? And he wasn't well prepared. Playing the Superman theme may pass for irony.

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