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"I am Loki of Asgard. And I am burdened with glorious purpose."
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May 06 2012

(SPOILER) Tom Hiddleston discusses mullets and filming. Here is a fun article where Hiddleston discusses his hair and referencing a scene that any diehard U2 fan would know during an Avengers shoot.

My ability to process intellectually has just been pulverized by the crossing of the beams of beloved fandoms.

I love that man. He's so smart, intellectual and a fantastic actor. Stole most of his scenes in both Thor and Avengers.
Ya, he really rocked it. And has great taste in music...

My vote is that Hiddleston gets added to the gallery of talent on the masthead. Ok, ok maybe after Hensworth.

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He's also a sweetheart and a true gentleman if his twitter persona is to be believed. He's consistently nice.
Holy shit, don't know how I didn't make that connection before now, but Loki really does look a lot like R&H era Bono. Hee.
The U2 Avengers connection extends to the whole cast actually.... Larry Mullen Jrs white tshirt wardrobe is clearly Captain America. Adam (Thor) plays a thundering bass and has the nicest abs of the group. Edge (Iron Man) doesn't play well with others - you never see him jamming on stage with other musicians. And Bono wears leather and horns and has Daddy issues too.

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I was at that concert. It was an amazing night. I believe it was late in November. Right around 10 pm a bit of fog rolled in and Bono said it was making him a bit homesick, the fog. And thanked AZ for making them feel so at home.

LOL, and it's Sun Devil Stadium. I can understand him being a bit confused as we are also known as the Valley of the Sun.
Let's just call that shot Whedon's Bono shot. ;-)

I was 16 those nights in November and had called greyhound to see if we could get to the show. Yeah, the parent were not on board. I am so jealous madmolly. Sigh....
Can Tom do more work with Joss? like get invited to the shakespeare parties?

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