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May 06 2012

"Too Many Avengers". A silly fun animated Avengers parody, made by CollegeHumor.

That was good! Ha ha Captain Caveman! And The Rocketeer brought beer! Hee!
Hehe, love it! Except that in no way does Dazzler deserve to be a part of the League of Super-Nobodies! She's a member of the X-Men, was offered a place in the Avengers and has taken on everyone from Doctor Doom to the Juggernaut single handedly! She was practically a herald of Galactus!!! Well, kinda... sort of...

I tell ya! You make one slightly questionable choice with a disco themed costume at the start of your superhero career and people just never let it go! ;)
I love this, I want to share it with everyone! I wish the Hulk really had a facebook page so I could see his post.

I really need a Hulk doll.
Geez, they didn't even include Dr. Druid, Tigra, D-man, Sersi, Black Knight or Moondragon. My boyfriend will be so disappointed.
Is it bad that I would love to see an Avengers team with that exact lineup, Arsenal? ;)

To be honest I really enjoyed the Black Knight/Sersi era of the Avengers comic book (Steve Epting artwork FTW!) and Tigra was always one of my favourite members of the West Coast team!

Aaah, I miss the 1990's...
@Five Horizons: 80's for me. (Mostly from Stern and Shooter writing.) Stern definitely took the time to develop the Black Knight, first in Dr Strange, then the Avengers.

And if we're talking about heralds of Galactus, you have to include Aunt May and Franklin Richards opposing Galactus in Marvel Team-Up 137. (I've got this one in a box somewhere.)

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They didn't even include my FAVORITE Avengers!!! Of course, they are entirely the same joke as this video, so it would be a bit redundant. Squirrel Girl rocks though!

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