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May 06 2012

Get drawn into Angel & Faith. Enter Multiversity's contest and artist Rebekah Isaacs may put you in an upcoming issue!

All you have to do to enter is comment on the post in the link provided with your e-mail address and your favorite Buffy or Angel character. Contest ends at Noon EST on Monday.

Tempting, tempting. I'd enter immediately, if only I could decide on a "favorite character." Today, I'm feeling like it's Clem, Andrew, Drusilla, or Illyria. Or Willow. Or Camden Toy in general. Ooh, Or Anya!. *Sigh*

I'm not very good at this sort of test.

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So entered. Buffy all the way!
I want to make a zillion different e-mail accounts, but I'd feel guilty if I won...

Atleast I'll be able to enter. The similar Season 8 contest was over before I found out about it, if I remember correctly.
I went with Cordelia. She was great in Buffy, and as time went on on Angel, her character really changed and grew.

Also, I noticed with the comments were that A LOT of people were saying 'Spike'. My God, a lot of love for Spike. Which in a way, isn't that surprising. Makes me want to set up a voting bracket to find the ultimate character, though. I wanna get to the bottom of this.

I bet buffyfest has done something like that.
Shhhhhhhh! The more people that know about this the less chance i have of winning... ;P

Twas Andrew for me, just not enough Andrew love out there! His story can be both hilarious and touching! Although almost went with Clem myself too!
@Fuelreaver, I just realized that when I checked the site again for the first time in a few hours and the posts had quadrupled... Oh well, at least more Buffy fans get a chance!

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