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May 06 2012

Fake trailer for fake Avengers game. A parody video of the nonexistent video game.

For those of you not in the know, there was a game in production last year with THQ as it's publisher. Unfortunately, THQ apparently has let an unscrupulous four year old run their company, and this has had serious fiscal consequences. The company was forced to shut down two studios, including the one responsible for The Avengers game. If you never got to see the potential title, check it out:

Reminds me of a Borderlands style game, and that would have been awesome. However, for what it's worth, Ubisoft recently registered a domain for an Avengers game. They are very hit-or-miss, though, so we'll see what happens.
Sadly, the majority of videogames based on movies don't rock. Coming out much later than the movie might help the quality; if the hype is lesser later on, then the game will sell more on its own merits than on the current excitement, so there's a greater incentive for a polished product, at least.
The developer has the ability to maybe take a bit more time and has more freedom with development as well. Restrictions on making a movie-based game usually include not being able to utilize all the information about the film (working with a story, but not seeing it in action), so a late release really helps. Honestly, there are a hundred reasons why video games based on movies are lame, but there are enough exceptions to learn from. Captain American and X-Men Origins: Wolverine come to mind. Also, following closer to Rocksteady would work; developing an Avengers game completely separate from the film.

Bet you guys can't guess what my area of expertise after Whedon is.
Speaking of fake trailers. The Avengers '78 movie promo, Made for TV movie. Pretty funny.
Yeah the footage from the first-person game looked so amazing. I'm still bummed that no one picked up the project.
Captain America (the game) was actually good? I disliked Thor but love that Wolverine game you mentioned, I'd be up for a decent Cap game.
A friend said the Cap game is basically a Arkham Asylum/City knockoff, which isn't an awful thing so it depends how much you wanna play as Steve.

Also, I don't think the story stuff would have affected this game much at all. It *is* kind of nice for it not to have a cheap game though. Makes it feel more... special, or something. It has integrity. Now I'm off to Toys-R-Us to buy some hulk hands and action figures.
@spaceguy, thanks for the fake 70's movie trailer. Paul Lynde as Loki! Hawkeye(Pierce)! It amused :o)

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