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May 06 2012

(SPOILER) VFX roll call for The Avengers. A very indepth rundown of the VFX studios that worked on The Avengers and some of the key scenes they worked on. Plus there's new pics from the movie including some from the closing credits. It's a must read.

Some really fantastic high-quality stills of their Hulk work in there.

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"The all-in-one shot was one of the first to be started, and probably the last to be delivered. ... I’m still debating whether Joss is a sadist, or a masochist, or some combination of the two at this point!"
Incredible stuff.
That was insightful! I don't know much about VFX, but it's simply amazing to read about the kind of details those people have to pay attention to.

And when one reads the names of the big companies (ILM, Weta) during the credits, one tends to forget that there were actually quite a number of companies involved. It must be really difficult to make the whole thing look seamless...

Also, everybody seems to be emphasizing how much influence Joss had on all aspects of the movie :-).
Articles like this emphasise to me that Joss is actually two geniuses sharing one body. The creative genius that we read a lot of analysis about and the managerial genius, who can keep all these plates spinning, that doesn't get the same publicity.

I wish someone would write "The Management secrets of Joss Whedon" one day.
Maybe my favorite paragraph.
Williams worked closely with Aaron Gilman, Weta’s animation supervisor, to choreograph the appropriate moves for Iron Man and Thor. “He and I would get into a lot of discussions about what a superhero would do,” recalls Williams. “So things like, if a person throws a person, what happens? Yeah, well, Thor’s not a person, well neither is Iron Man. Iron Man weighs more. And you get into over rationalising things to a geeky gleeful level – it helps bring a little bit more of that fun comic book to life.”

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