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May 06 2012

Free digital versions of the FCBD Buffy and Serenity comics now available. Couldn't get a hold of the Buffy/Guild and Serenity/Star Wars issues at your local comic book shop on Saturday? Dark Horse Digital now has them on their site and it won't cost you anything to read them.

Thanks to anca for the heads up.

wow that Firefly comic was great! Didn't realize how much I missed seeing the 'verse...

Time to bring it all back, Joss.
Wasn't really into the Firefly comic too much, but enjoyed the Buffy one. Knew what was going on from the first panel, so at the very least I've earned my geek points for the day.
I just love Fabio Moons art on the Serenity one so much. I'd love to see him draw an ongoing Serenity series. Also made me re-read Sugershock. So good.
@Andrew indeed, he managed to create energetic stylized art while still managing to capture the essence of the characters very well! Really refreshing, as appose to the usual rigid realistic approach we often see to the Firefly/Serenity comics.

I just want a monthly firefly comics! just give us more stories from 'verse! PLEASE!
Yay! Got to read the Serenity comic after all! I loved seeing Zoe in her 'delicate' state and River on the horse! Thanks Dark Horse and Zack, and Fabio Moon! :D
Great all around. I loved the little parallels between the Star Wars and Serenity comics, and makes me so wish for an ongoing Serenity series, even if it were just mini tales like this every month.

Also, The Guild was a lot of fun, and probably my favourite.
Really enjoyed the Firefly comic. (Wish I could've picked it up.) It felt like the teaser before the credits - which means I now want to know what happens next! I mean, that guy seemed pretty desperate to get off planet. And now they presumably have all his worldly possessions because of the horse... gotta be some repercussions.

Other thoughts:

- Mal is going to be one creaky old man (if he makes it) due to the number of times he gets shot. They don't seem to have Star Trek level medicine yet. ;)
- Wash's dinosaurs...*sniff*
- Zoe bursting with pregnancy... Yay! Zoe leaping out of the mule while bursting with pregnancy... confirms her status as a superhero with special powers.
- Kinda limped there at the ending. (Last two panels)
- I know it's Fabio Moon and all...but the eyes kinda bothered me. I don't mind exaggerated license, but the eyes kinda took me out of the story. Liked the art otherwise.
-I really liked finally getting a post-Serenity story.

- I miss Firefly... It can't be normal to have an ache after all these years. I keep waiting for that grieving/healing thing to kick in. I keep telling myself that it's a tv show, but love is love, I guess.
That was quick.

I'm happy with the Buffy story(haven't read the Serenity one yet) and really like that in the midst of the sillyness and horror, we got to see Spike really care for one of the murdered bugs.

And wow, the artwork is amazing. Spike was done extremely well, and the panel on the last page, with the close up of Buffy looking at the sun, makes me go "Wow, I have to use that for fanart".
Both great! Story-wise, I like the Serenity one better (and the similarities between Mal and Han Solo in Zack's other story are nicely done -- the differences, even more so).

But wow, the Buffy artwork is so pretty -- Skytteflickan88, I also fell in love with the final close-up shot of Buffy!
I must be a complete idiot... but i cant find the firefly comic. Where is it?
@Darkness Its part of the Star wars one (First on the page before Buffy.)
I like Buffy´s comics, liked season 8, love season 9... But i wish we got seasons of Firefly instead. There. I said it.
I thought I was missing out on The Guild and Serenity, but then I realized The Guild was on the back of Buffy (which I already bought), and Serenity was on the back of Star Wars.
I managed to pick up the Buffy/Guild book, but, the Star Wars/Serenity one was not there when I got there 4 min after the place opened. All that to say: thanks for posting so we could read it!
I just went to my comic book store and they had saved me copies of both. Love that store. Actually, I now have an extra copy of the Buffy one. as they didn't realise they'd saved me two (and I didn't see it until I got home).
FWIW, if you didn't look at the copyright info to notice: ths is the first Serenity book under the new license from 20th, rather than the earlier license from Universal.

[ edited by The One True b!X on 2012-05-07 18:02 ]
Does that license change mean anything? Like, maybe new revitalised interest...?
As far as I know it's just a matter of Universal's own license having, I think, expired. So the only entity that could provide a comics license now is the original license holder, 20th.
They pay Han Solo with a miniature Companion Cube from Portal? They could at least promise to throw in a cake.
I said this elsewhere, but may as well put it here - I was told Universal have let their options expire on Serenity, so it's back to Fox.
Fabio's artwork is ok, but I much prefer the realism of Dos Santos' cover. That was stunning.

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