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May 07 2012

Peter David to adapt Joss' Astonishing X-Men run. Peter David will be adapting Joss's Astonishing X-Men run into a series of novels.

The first novel, adapting the "Gifted" arc, will be out in September.

For braille and audio book, right? I mean, Peter David kinda rocks, but it's not like people who can see and read will have any reason not to just pick up the comics.
Didn't stop the "Not Fade Away" comic adaptation... or any other movie to comic adaptation, for instance. Different medium is different. Peter David does rock, I think the novel form will be a cool take on that arc.
I think it's mostly for people who don't enjoy comics and would rather read things in prose.

The other day I spotted Walking Dead novelizations in a store being spotlighted for some reason. But yes, there are people who don't enjoy reading things in the comic book format.
@Numfar- Were these novelizations or the original novel? I'm currently reading "Rise of the Governor" and it is an original story.
I like well-done novelizations, and Peter David has done more than a few. He even made "Spider-Man 3" almost understandable.

I was very disappointed there was no "Avengers" novelization. A Peter David one would have been excellent.
Peter David's ST:TNG novels are why I love him. Vendetta shoulda been a movie.
I was very disappointed there was no "Avengers" novelization. A Peter David one would have been excellent.

Well there is this. I had a quick flick through it in HMV today. Didn't look very good and I get the impression that it only covers the first third of the movie.

But Peter David (Spike vs Dracula) and Christos Gage (Angel & Faith) have written movie tie-in comic books for Iron Man and Captain America. It's a small world.
I was very disappointed there was no "Avengers" novelization. A Peter David one would have been excellent.

Peter David just recently replied to a question about this--seems movie studios have become much more shy about novelisations coming out early and spiling the entire plot on the Internet before the movie comes out, and that's why movie novelisations are becoming more rare. (No Thor or Captain America either.)
Well, call me crazy, I am not a physicist, but then maybe releasing the novelization with or right after the film would solve the problem? Whacky, right?
Except the publisher would want and need the promotional hype of movie promotion to make the book worthwhile. With a montster hit like Avengers, sure, that hype will last a while longer, but how often do you get that? Here's a for instance--some comic book tie-ins with the Green Lantern movie were delayed weeks, I think until over a month after that movie premiered. I can only imagine how many copies those sold--in single digits.
Yeah, I love Peter David's TNG books too. (Well, I haven't cracked them in probably over a decade, so....)
One great writer being able to add onto another great writer's work? Sounds like win-win to me! :)
I wonder if Joss would get any royalties for this book, since it his story.

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