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May 07 2012

Three Cheers for Joss Whedon: King of the Geeks, King of the World. A great article on Joss Whedon's recent success at the box office.

I find it weird they include Dr. Horrible under "can't catch a break". Yes, it's a damn shame it made everyone money like that.

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Yeah, Dr Horrible was more like "Sought out and made his own break".
b!x, i agree completely.

I don't know why, but I found myself not liking this particular article very much. Particularly the "cant catch a break" paragraph. According to this article, Buffy ended up "limping" through it's final seasons, and the comics "have fallen into a bit of a vortex of nonsensical self-indulgence."

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wasabi, neither did I. I couldn't put my finger on why, really, they did say some nice things. Maybe it was just the overall timbre of "Joss is such a loser, yay he finally scored" that I came away with.

That and the ridiculous comments after the article.
"Buffy The Vampire Slayer" revenues, I heard, were somewhere around the $1bn mark due to Home Entertainment and int'l sales. Hollywood Reporter said Fox made around $250m profit from that franchise. "Serenity" got jetison'ed straight into production, despite being based on a TV show nobody saw. "Dollhouse" got 2 seasons (only a quarter of US TV shows make it past their first season - and even fewer make it past pilot). "Dr Horrible" is the most profitable project Joss has done in terms of percentages, netting over $3m (and counting). It's public record Joss sold his old house for millions.

If that's what it means to not catch a break, where do I sign?
He also suggests Buffy was cancelled and had to run to UPN, which was not the case. The WB wanted more Buffy and were pissed off it escaped. And UPN wanted an eighth season and were willing to fund a spin off.
A limited budget on a different network? Correct me if I'm wrong, but as far as I remember Buffy had a substantial budget increase after the move to UPN. I think they paid 2.3 million per episode, while The WB paid 1 million during season 5. It's been a decade though, I'm not sure if this is exactly what was reported back then.
$650 million! Dollars! Made by a Joss Whedon movie!

See ya later, Hunger Games. So long, Harry Potter. Rest in peace, Dark Knight and Avatar. Joss Whedon, champion of the library kids and crown knight of the nerds, just become the most successful film director in the world.

It's about time.

I just love the way this article ends. Having read it three or four times, I think I may print a copy and post it on my office door. It really is about time!!
I thought that jibe about the season 8 and 9 comics was a bit unfair and reads like second hand knowledge rather than something that someone who read the comics would have said.
The remark about S8-S9 came from a Joss devotee who, like a significant part of the 'verse, were steeply disappointed at best. "The Cabin in the Woods" and the sheer visual beauty & Jossistic brilliance of "The Avengers" have given such tremendous relief to devotees & gave a new occasion to celebrate the family of creators, actors & audience that Joss has brought together with such energy & love.
That comment about the comics is bullshit, especially with how fantastic Angel and Faith and Buffy S9 have been.
I'm still a volume away from finishing S8, but at this point I can agree to their quote on it (though to a lesser degree than their tone seems to imply). But I've heard great things about A&F and S9. Looking forward to them.

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