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May 07 2012

(SPOILER) The /Filmcast reviews The Avengers. Hosts of the podcast David Chen, Devindra Hardawar and Adam Quigley are joined by Film Journalist/Screenwriter, Drew McWeeny to discuss Joss Whedon's latest feature. Spoilers begin at 26:24.

Might want to post a link to their review of "The Cabin in the Woods" as well.
Their discussion on Cabin In The Woods had already been linked to on this site, albeit in one of those single entries where a bunch of reviews are grouped together in one post. Not a fan of those myself, but then it's not up to me. Blink and you can miss them, because they disappear from the main page pretty fast if a lot is going on in the 'verse. If you run a search here or check the archives during mid-April, I'm sure you can find it.

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