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May 07 2012

Why are so many vampire stories so weak? Author Kim Newman name-drops the Slayer and a couple others in an analysis of the weaknesses of vampire narratives from "Dracula" to Anne Rice to "Twilight."

Eh. Well, they seem very insistent that vampires should and must always be the classic idea of what they think of as a "vampire." They don't seem to like people stretching that idea and doing new things with it.

I think it comes down to how they define the word. Angel is still a proper vampire, but he's a proper vampire by the Buffyverse's definition. It doesn't take away from his vampire-ness that he doesn't kill people a lot, because his vampire-ness is Buffyverse-Vampire-ness, not Dracula-Vampire-ness.
Saw it twice over the weekend.

Going to see it in IMAX/3D on Wednesday! So happy for Joss! Comic Con is going to be a madhouse this year that is for sure!
I only read the Buffy/Angel part. Funny they would use a image of two very hard to kill vampires to say how easy vampires were to kill in the Buffyverse. But sadly, they're not completely wrong. Sometimes I wish the older vamps of Buffy didn't go down as easily.
@Skytteflickan88: You mean like the Master? He killed Buffy. (Then she got better and surprised him.) In an alternate universe, he reigns *and* kills alterna-Buffy.

Considering that Angel (and Spike) are doing a lot of the demon killing, does that count as making vampires formidable? Seems like the author is talking about story universes where vampires are the only monster, or have limited competition (werewolves).
Cool that Buffy and Angel were both mentioned and not in a poor light. IMO, Buffy and her vampire are better than any of the others. More interesting, tougher, complex and lets face it...easy on the eyes. Too bad these people didn't see the "bite" scene from Buffy. Nothing ugly about that one.
Wait! What's a vampire thread doing in

Just kidding ;-)
If you haven't read "Anno Dracula", I highly suggest it. I'm reading it now and it's a great deal of fun. Partly because it makes sense.

But Mr. Newman does bring up quite a few good points in this article. Points I'm hoping to avoid in my own fiction. :)
this is ridiculously awesome. I feel bad I've only been able to see it once.
but I'm going again's been too long.
what just happened? I could've sworn I clicked on the thread to discuss the avengers' record-breaking box office numbers
You're not alone, it looks like it happened to Active too, a couple comments above...
The Buffyverse, and before it and ina very different way the Palladium Co.s Rpgs, both made the valuable point that a crerature who preys on humans needs to eb fundamentally not human. So many of the classic ideas that the person is still in there just never rang true to me.

As to the Buffyverse's "one stake and they poof," that's most likely for convenience, so it doesn't take forvever to kill them. Classic vmapires (stkae them down, cut off the ehad, stuff the mouth with garlic and/or hol;y wafers, burn head and body separately and make sure the ashes are scatterred so they'll never reform) makes a good set-up for creautres that are alwasy prone to return. Plus it holds forth the unlikely and vague possibility that even Dracula, Yorga, Barnabas etc. might at leats theoretically someday be defetaed and totally destroyed, even if it's not in the movie you're watching right now. (Which also makes Whedon's DRacula *truly* invincible since you can't *do* those things to him :-).)

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