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May 08 2012

Watch the end title sequence from The Avengers. And cheer when you see "A Joss Whedon film" come up on screen.

That's one thing that surprise me. People actually stayed after the closing credits to see the wrap. Yeah, shocking to me as well!
That was a gorgeous sequence I must say. Always forget to mention, because the following moment is let's say more distracting...
Really nice work. I have to say that the opening title sequence was somewhat underwhelming. It was a blink and miss it moment.
It wasn't until this credit sequence that I realized I don't remember seeing credits in the movie earlier. I assume all the Sunnydale redux stuff would be a pre-credits action sequence ala a James Bond movie but I honestly have no recollection at what point there were movie title cards.

And I think part of it is that Marvel movie adaptations have well trained audiences to finally sit through credits.

edit: yeah, and I dig this version. While I figured it was mostly CGI given the way the camera moves, I thought at least some of those assets had to have been practical.

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How did you ever mix Buffy with James Bond?
At the midnight IMAX showing, there was escalating cheering every time his name was in the credits. By the third time it showed up (for screenplay), it was as loud as any of the cheering during the rest of the movie.

In that moment I was proud and no longer felt like a minority.

It was also fun to hear other people also talking about the Whedon cameos, trying to figure out who Alexis had played, etc.
The first time I saw the film, there were definitely some people in the audience who knew who Joss is, but in the morning showing I saw yesterday, which was sparsely attended, nobody seemed to know who he was. No clapping or cheering when his name appeared, aside from myself, of course. I was a little surprised.

But these credits are really well done.
I have to admit, part of me was hoping that at the end of the movie there'd be a smash-cut to "EXECUTIVE PRODUCER JOSS WHEDON".
Heck, I wanted a Mutant Enemy logo, or at least Hulk saying "grrr, argh."
Matt, Why? An exec producer on a film is completely different to one on a TV show. Joss is the top on this one.
That was one glorious moment :) My partner and i turned and grinned at each other. No cheering in our cinema though, but then it wasn't the midnight showing which would probably be entirely composed of die-hard Whedon fans! ;) We had kids screeching wtih laughter at the Hulk and adults chuckling at every other Whedon comedy line though. And lots of enthusiastic chattering going on as we left the cinema. :)
Methinks the site is being hammered. The video is lurching like nobody's business.

Was so proud for these credits. Joss Whedon writ so many times. Gorgeous detail, majestic camera pans (can a camera POV be that...majestic? Hmm.)

Great fangirl moment. There was goosey flesh. There may have even been tears of joy.
As I said to Simon as we walked out, I feel like a proud Mummy. :O)
I totally cheered at Joss' name. and I wanted to see a grr,arrgh moment.
I love this so much. I only saw the movie once so far, re-watching this reminded me of the AWESOME feelings I experienced at the cinema. *goosebumps* Joss Joss Joss Joss Joss I HAVE TO WATCH THIS MOVIE AGAIN
Matt, Why?

Yeah, the titles are quite gorgeous. The only credits earlier in the movie is the Title. kept waiting for them so I could cheer... At both my showings there wasn't really cheering for the Joss name, at least not en masse. Except for the first time it's shown, but that was misleading... it was really just for 'yay that was an awesome movie!'.

Oh god I need to hear Hulk say Grr Arrgh like NOW
Who's this Zak Penn infiltrator? Did he really earn a spot right after the movie or is he a cottails rider. Considering his IMdB credits Elekra, I'm thinking he wasn't much responsible for what made this a good movie.
Zak wrote a script for Marvel called THE AVENGERS, and then it basically got thrown out when Joss arrived.
Zak's credit is much like the Kuzui credits for each episode of the Buffy TV series. (Without having read the initial script, there may be basic plot ideas like "NY blows up" that were in the original.)
I don't think I've ever been more proud of humanity than when they cheered their hearts out for Joss Whedon.
To be fair to Zak Penn, whatever you think of his writing abilities, he has been very fair and gracious about Joss's decision to ditch his script, which I imagine is not one of the more fun things to endure as a writer (as Joss himself knows, of course).

I realize nobody's maligning him, just want to make sure nobody gets the wrong idea from putting his name so close to that of the Kuzuis, which seems like a much more clear-cut case of taking credit for work that's not yours. Penn's credit seems pretty clearly to be a Guild issue, so far as I can tell.
We don't do the whole clapping and cheering thing in cinemas here in the UK, but I had a little silent squee to myself every time Joss' name popped up, and actually bounced in my chair for Enver's scene.

I saw it the second showing of opening day and it was a pretty packed theatre, not bad for a weekday lunchtime. Everyone stayed right through the credits, which is pretty much unheard of, only to be disappointed by no end of credits scene.

I also want a Hulk grr arrgh.
That's what's so great. Usually here in Germany, we don't do the clabbing and cheering thing at the end of a movie either (at least I haven't witnessed that in years) - but for Avengers, everyone clapped. Plain awesome.
Cabin and Avengers feed of the audience so much. I can imagine them playing for many years, with people not going necessarily for the film itself; but the reaction to the film.
What, no shawarma? ;)
How are Buffy and Bond all that far away from each other in some senses? At a very base level they're both action stars with various levels of gravitas depending on the iteration.

But yeah, mostly I just meant it seems like James Bond films are particularly like the cold opening of TV shows where there's a bit of a prologue before segueing into the title sequence and rest of the film.

As for the "story by" credit, I think Marvel had already at least pretty clearly established their desires for the film's overall structure. Gathering the team, team conflicting, action sequence, the team coming together, big action sequence/aliens.

I think I read an interview where some screenwriter kind of complained about the nature of how in determining who gets a credit they often pay more attention to the overall structure than necessarily the details like characters/dialogue.

I was sort of lead to believe from initial reports that when people speak of Zak Penn's involvement they meant he was co-credited for the screenplay.
@Jobo - Good point. I get annoyed every time I see a reviewer mistakenly put "written by Joss Whedon and Zak Penn", or call Joss a cowriter. But that misconception is not Penn's fault and you're right, he's been really gracious about it.
I don't think I have ever gotten excited about seeing a name in credits but seeing (for me an unexpected) "A Joss Whedon film" made me smile.

Cider, In the U.S. we got two closing credit scenes. hope you get to see a link to each of them soon.

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