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May 08 2012

Firefly is's TV Deal of the Week. $27.99 for the Blu-ray boxset, $18.99 for the DVD Boxset. Perfect gift for any newcomer to the fandom.

Someday I'm going to have to get an HDTV.
betweeen this and the sidebar link to avengers action figures you are killing me. I just got a blu-ray player for game of thrones, I think Firefly would make a nice addition to my collection. and like GOT, it is something the whole family can enojy.

I saw the serenity bluray in a shop here and I have been so tempted.

this seems like an opportunity
I think this is about what I paid the first time I bought the series. This time I won't loan it out.
Please pardon my ignorance, but if something is shot in 4:3 standard definition (as I assume Firefly was) what is gained by putting it on a Blu-ray disc (which I think is HD?)? I don't know much about blu-ray and am curious if anyone knows.
4:3 is the aspect ratio, and HD is the resolution, so something can be HD & also in 4:3 . Firefly is 16:9 and was shot on film. The special effects were done in SD to reduce costs, though.

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I'm pretty sure the DVD set is cheaper at Target...
Thank you Manic D.

Yes, I meant "4:3 AND IN standard definition," and was assuming the Blu-ray format would be optimal for stuff shot in 16:9 and HD.

I did a little Googling (as I perhaps should have before asking here) and found the answer to my follow up question: Was that Joss or the network that funded/abused Firefly that chose film and 16:9.

Here is that answer from Firefly HD tranfers discussion at UniversalHD Boards in case anyone else is curious.

Firefly was originally shot in the 16x9 Widescreen format even though The-Network-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named wanted the show in the old standard 4:3 ratio. Joss just cheated and used a tecnique called "Pan and Scan" to convert the show to the crummy 4:3 ratio so it could be displayed without being letter boxed. Joss was planning for the future while The-Network-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named lagged behind.

I'd also check Target for a good deal, as WhatsAStevedore mentioned above. I found the Firefly set for $9.99 a few months ago. It was an especially good deal for a replacement. The Blu-ray set was $14 or $15 then. Two weeks ago, Serenity was on sale at Target for $5.

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I ordered the blu ray yesterday. Didn't know if I'd have another chance to get a deal like this. Adding it to my ever growing new collection of blu ray: Farscape, Inception, The Dark Knight. Now I just need the new Star Trek, Battlestar Galactica, and Game of Thrones.

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Hopefully the lower price and the recent buzz with Joss will attract some more fans.

I'm surprised by your mention of "Pan and Scan". There's a cute bit in Joss's commentary on Serenity-the-pilot where he talks about setting up one particular shot (Simon and Mal talking to each other from opposite sides of the screen) specifically to ensure that TNWMNBN *couldn't* crop it like this.

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