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May 08 2012

(SPOILER) Film Crit Hulk reviews Mark Ruffalo's Hulk. Includes an interesting look back on Hulks of Cinema Past and some insights into the most recent version. "Ruffalo's Banner/Hulk is one of the more dextrous and all-encompassing versions we've ever had and it's no accident that people have been loving the crap out of him in the film."

You can find more Film Crit Hulk on his blog and Twitter account.

I especially like all his stuff about empathy, since that's what I argue the film is actually about.
I love Film Crit Hulk and have been waiting eagerly for him to cover Avengers. This didn't disappoint. He pretty much gets right to the heart of what makes Ruffalo's performance so fantastic.

For anyone who's a fan of serious film/TV criticism, I would highly, highly recommend the rest of his stuff. For my money, he's one of the smartest and most insightful critics on the 'net right now.
Seriously love this.
Mark Ruffalo's performance is one of my favorite aspects of "The Avengers." The CGI that makes the Hulk reasonably resemble Ruffalo instead of looking like Shrek bouncing off the mountains (anybody remember that from the "Hulk" with Eric Bana?) is another.
That put into words quite nicely a lot of what I loved about Ruffalo's Hulk. Plus I got a few chuckles out of it. Great article.
Great. He nailed it.
I loved that review. The idea of recognizing anger and learning to USE it instead of constantly fighting against it... well, it goes back to what Tony said to Banner. You're tiptoeing around... you need to strut. Once Bruce takes ownership of the anger, he's able to be mindfully, rather than mindlessly, destructive.

"I'm always angry" was, for me, the most badass moment of the film. Totally epic.
Did I read between the lines that the Hulk presentation deserves Oscar Nominations? Actor, writer, film? Am I wrong that Avengers might be a first comic book award winning film? Am I still dreaming?
Great review. And each review adds a little more awe at what Joss constructed from the bare-bones plot beats given to him by Marvel.

Thinking back to the Ang Lee Hulk film. One thing ILM did that I enjoyed is when Hulk is fighting the tank. As he's pulling the turret off, he whacks himself in the nuts with the cannon barrel. After a howl of pain, the Hulk *really* smashes the tank in retaliation... Guess that is another example where empathy made the scene, as much as the CGI.
I don't think the Academy would ever nominate a movie like Avengers for anything other than special effects awards (and I do expect it to get quite a few of those), but depending upon what other films are out there this Winter we might see Mark Ruffalo get a nomination for Supporting Actor. After all, not many big name stars are willing to do the motion capture thing, and Kevin Kline won Supporting Actor for 'A Fish Called Wanda' (and that was certainly silly enough). Who knows?
It should get nominated for both Best Screenplay and Best Director. No doubt.
This was a really interesting analysis. I went from Bixby straight to Norton in my seeing the Hulk, skipping what came in between. And, as much as I like Edward Norton as an actor (and his name is also that of one of my great, great, great--don't remember how many greats--grandfathers, so I feel some kinship), I just did not like his performance in the film. And this analysis really puts into words why. And I really did like Ruffalo's performance, and the humor Joss infused into the script for him. Indeed, as so many have already said, he and his Hulk were what helped make this film so enjoyable. That does not diminish the performances of the others, in my thinking, but I think I may have had lower expectations for Ruffalo, because I thought he may have been miscast (although I really like him as an actor, apart from this role, and I like his politics, and he's a vegetarian, to boot). So, I was delighted to be so pleasantly surprised.
Obviously it would be awesome to see Avengers get Academy recognition outside the visual/musical elements, but despite some deviation from the nomination norms (i.e. RDJ getting an oscar nom for tropic thunder), superhero/fantasy/scifi remains pretty unrecognized. I haven't held high expectations since the Emmys virtually ignored Buffy altogether.

But success can be defined by more than one qualifier. In terms of box office profits, critical reception, audience reaction, and (I'm predicting) academic evaluation, Avengers succeeds.
Just got back from the film (finally.) I thought Ruffalo gave a fine performance, but I still think he's wrong physically for Banner. I was distracted because I kept thinking he'd be a perfect Hank McCoy.
Sigourney Weaver got a Best Actress nomination for "Aliens," and I think the writing branch of the Academy has some notion of the degree of difficulty here, I don't think above the line nominations are out of the question.
Posting this here as there are so many interviews with Joss for the Avengers, but this is a video of an interview via HitFix where Joss talks about the characters and in particular Barton and Hulk.
the discussion of the Hulk occurs around the 2:30 mark.

(edited to make it a hyperlink!)
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So Banner can turn on the Hulk whenever he chooses, but how much control does he have over "the other guy"? Attacking Black Widow as he did would suggest no control. Fighting at the end of the movie would suggest a great deal of control (with a little outburst towards Thor). Thoughts?
@the True b!x oh thanks for the link! I felt like the difference in the two hulkouts was pretty much explained by the movie, everything just short of actual exposition, but i'm glad to have a link to articulate it for the folks who've been confused around me.

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