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May 08 2012

(SPOILER) Covers and info for Buffy Season 9: Spike # 1. The covers and solicitaion for the first season 9 miniseries are out.

Holy Loki......

THIS LOOKS AMAZING!!! Those covers are awesome and the solicitation seems promising. It's so GREAT to see Spike on his own, proving to himself that he CAN be on his own.

And this is coming from a Spuffy shipper.
Will the Pink Floyd joke becoming in on page 1 or 2? This looks nice actually. I like the idea of Steampunk Spike.
Wow. Just wow.

And I was very disappointed that the Dru miniseries got delayed, but this might be making up for a little bit! :D :D :D

I'm so excited to see Spike on his own!!! It's going to be fascinating seeing his journey.
Glad Spike is in his own series! This looks awesome!

Off-topic edit: Also, has there been any news about a non-digital release of Magical Mystery Tour Featuring the Beetles - maybe in the first trade? Would be great to see this somewhere.

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I love it. I love the idea of Spike reflecting on his past, present and future. The first cover makes it look like Spike starts off on a bender -- which is exactly where his journey should start. So much potential here!!
I love the perspective and Spike's stance in Frison's cover, but Morris' cover is especially nice to look at. Really looking forward to this miniseries!
@Mistress of Peyn: I think you may have mixed up the covers. It's a departure from his usual style, but the cover with Spike and the booze is Steve Morris'. I'm fairly certain about that. It looks a lot like some of his non-cover work.
I just squeeled. A small squeel but still.

But I can't read anymore, I will be spoiler-free this time! Yup... I'll try anyway.
Gotta be honest, I just really can't get behind this spinoff yet - for several reasons. First, these spinoffs are just completely gutting the main Buffy book by removing too many integral characters for too long and I think as a whole the series of books will be hurt. Still, I'm definitely willing to give them a chance and see what they bring to the table. But, more specificially on the description of this issue, Spike journeys to the moon? Is this a joke? No one else laughs when they read this? It sounds like bad fanfiction. Like some Buffy / Star Trek crossover. It's just so...silly. I really wish they weren't going with this outerspace direction. And Spike examining who he was and who he wants to be...I understand they want to be suitably vague in the description, but isn't this pretty much every Spike book / story / miniseries / plotline he's ever had in the past 5 years?

The art of the first cover also looks very Cartoon-y to me. It reminds me of that 90's Ghostbusters cartoon show. However, I really like the second cover.

I am, however, excited to delve more into the consequences of the world being devoid of magic. Although I guess it's a little confusing how exactly they plan on doing that if he's not actually on the world....Still, even the word "witch" in the preview is interesting to me because how could there even be a witch anymore if there's no magic? That's intriguing...

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Love the artwork, and it does seem promising. Maybe I'll give this a try after all. But I most definitely want him back in the Buffy comic.
I am officially excited about this. I am a big Spuffy, so I was initially bummed out that he was leaving, but at this point Spike in his ship beats pregnant-armless-robot-story Buffy. I'll take it.
Initial reaction: loving it!
Welcome back, Jenny Frison.
@wenxina, you're absolutely right. I goofed and mixed up the two artists in my head, and I feel particularly stupid about it since I'd already seen the image that Morris put up in his deviantART gallery: Spike cover variant, issue 1 of 5 by StevenJamesMorris . Thanks for the correction.

Jenny Frison's covers of Spike have always been particularly lovely.

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