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May 08 2012

The Avengers pulls in $18.9 Million on Monday. The film dropped 67% from Sunday.

Joss has a wee window in which he can get a big budget movie with a strong voice made. Few film makers get the chance, fewer still make it count. Nolan used his for INCEPTION. Wonder what Mr. Whedon will do.
I can't believe I was ever nervous about the success about this film now. It's blowing everything, financially, critically, entertainment-ly out of the water.
Andy, whatever it may be I just hope it is full of Whedon Alumni.
It's a higher drop than I would have liked, but still, quite awesome. 8th highest Monday pull in, but more importantly 3rd highest Non-Holiday Monday pull in (the other 5 are Memorial Day/Day After Sunday 4th of July)
Does any movie not have a huge drop Sunday-to-Monday? The question is, what6 sort of drop will it have for the weekend.
Yeah it will be more interesting to see what sort of numbers will appear next weekend.
From what I've read this is an amazing result for the Monday and points to a$100m 2nd weekend .
In a related piece of news, The Avengers passes $700M WW.
I'm thinking that a daily breakdown of the Avengers US box office performance is going to crowd out other items so let's leave the next box office thread till the weekend.
It's apparently also influenced by school, so for a schoolday it's pretty good.
And since many of the shows during the weekend were sold out, there will be loads of people who wanted to see it but didn't get to, who will go next weekend. I am sure we'll get very nice numbers :D
Daily box office will be fun to watch. I'll just watch it elsewhere though. I'll leave my comments after this one for the weekend thread.
I was hoping for something closer to The Dark Knight's or Deathly Hallows Pt 2's first Monday drops - which were 43.8 and 49.5 respectively. Though come to think of it, I think the Sunday performance was a lot better for Avengers than the other two...

Ok, after some maths, the Full Weekend to Monday drops were - 90.89 for Avengers, 89.34 for HP, and 84.54 for TDK. Those are much closer and I'm much happier on that thought. 16% difference is WAY better than the 23 I was looking at for Sunday to Monday.

I'll stop trying to be greedy, I just really like numbers ;o) Plus I did say it was still quite awesome...
Detailed analysis from Scott Mendelson at
Breaking Down the Avenger's Box Office Take

Plus he's got figures for actual tickets sold, not just the dollar totals:
"And yes, even with inflation factored in, the film sold more tickets over its opening weekend than any other film ever (26.5 million tickets, about 3.5 million more than “The Dark Knight”)."
For context, Avatar took $16m on its first Monday, TDK $25m (but during school holidays), the last HP $18m (again school holidays)

Mondays all time grosses.

In fact, looking at the Monday figures every one above The Avengers is either in the July school vacation or the Whitsun vacation at the end of May except Avatar which is in the Christmas holidays. Avengers is the top non-holiday Monday total.

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OH! Great point, didn't think about the fact that it isn't *really* Summer yet in those terms... That does make me feel even better than my Weekend-Monday vs Sunday-Monday %s. So, that makes it the highest ever School Day Monday. Rock on.

Oh man, I wonder how many parents are going to take off work and see it again behind their kids' backs so they can see it kid free without hiring a baby-sitter >.< I could totally see doing that if I had kids...

I'm glad someone has ticket numbers. I've always kind of hated that box office watching only concerned with $ instead of actual tickets. It always made me wonder what the lists would really look like.

[ edited by DreamRose311 on 2012-05-08 22:00 ]
@DreamRose311 I think this chart technically shows which movies have sold the most tickets. Domestic gross adjusted for inflation.
Newsarama weighs in with more number crunching:

Avengers Box Office Total Could Be Staggering

Sorry, love the math geekery!
Dreamrose, the Mondays totals I linked to allows you to select actual figures (instead of the inflation adjusted default) or tickets. Though it is an estimate it is still very interesting. Little drop down window in the top right.
Thanks danregal. I've looked at that list before, but without knowing there were actual ticket numbers out there, never trusted their inflation math (some of the things on there just seem strange and unreal to me for some reason)

zz9 - thanks for pointing that out! I've been obsessed with BoxOfficeMojo since The Dark Knight came out, and I never noticed that little drop down window (wow, they really should put it... somewhere closer to the actual charts). My only concern with this is wondering if they derive the number of tickets from the inflation number or vice versa... very excited to investigate!

Man, if Avengers can really get the 100M second weekend that... O.O. I think my brain would melt more than it did for the 207 number.

[ edited by DreamRose311 on 2012-05-08 22:22 ]
DreamRose311, I will definitely be going to an adult-only viewing since my five year old son required not one, not two, but three bathroom trips during our screening on Sunday...I probably missed 10 minutes of the movie.
Thanks for the link, punkinpuss! All time top 4? My goodness! Too good to be true!
Compare to other Marvel movies released in May, Iron Man 1 dropped 73.4%, Iron Man 2 dropped 69.9% and Thor dropped 68%. So Avengers's 66.9% is ever so slightly better but still in the same range. If you're interested here's the Box Office Mojo link comparing all the Marvel Studio movies.
I'll be interested to see how Thursday goes. That tends to be the lowest box office day of the week as people decide to just wait until Friday. You've got to do your laundry at some point! Might as well be while you're watching AI or BBT or TVD. ;)
I went again last night and was pleasantly surprised to see about 40 people in a small theater for a 7:40 screening. It was also playing at 6:30 in a larger one in the same multiplex.
Rock on Joss! Here's to hoping he can gain back the rights to Buffy big screen's been too long.

Which ever way he goes, can't wait to see it. I also can't wait to see the Avengers again. Everytime that I read more facts about these numbers I get insanely happy.
I saw it yesterday at 4 PM and there were two other people in the audience. It was a neighborhood six screen theater and it was showing the Avengers on three screens.
The Avengers averaged $47,698 per screen over the weekend. Miley Cyrus new movie took less than that in total nationwide over the weekend....
I finally saw it last night (loved it) in an almost half-full theatre. I think most of the audience hadn't seen it before because a third of them walked out before the first in-credits scene and only a few stayed for the restaurant scene at the end - and no one clapped when Joss' name came up on screen, so they weren't Whedonites. Things I loved that I haven't seen mentioned before - The Hulk trying to pick up Thor's hammer - even The Hulk can't do that. One of the crew's last names during the credits is Thorisdottir. I'm pretty sure Joss hired her for her name.
Yes I loved that scene too! I know there was one scene where I was the only one who laughed, but I am not sure if it was this or a completely different scene.. I have very bad memory 0:)

I keep checking sites for tuesday's gross, but I don't see any numbers up yet. Humph.
Illy - they tend to go up sometime between 2 and 4 pm Eastern.

I tended to be the only one who laughed at Hawkeye saying that he and Natascha remembered Budapest differently, at the two viewings I went to.
The film has now passed $500m overseas, bringing the worldwide gross up to $726,437,707

Edit: Oh DreamRose, I only just discovered your reply. Thank you! That should make plus 6 hours for me, I think, between 8-10pm.

[ edited by Illy on 2012-05-09 20:18 ]
Dreamrose - I laughed at that line too - and I think I was also the only one. There were a couple of Whedon-isms during the film where I think I was the only person who understood - no one but me laughed anyway.
And add $17,677,190 for a Tuesday domestic, for a total of $244,014,897 domestic and $744,114,897 Worldwide.

Glad I could help Illy ;o)

steverogers - thanks, good to know I'm not the only one :o)

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