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May 08 2012

(SPOILER) How we drew Angel & Faith #13. io9 debuts the two-part covers for Angel & Faith #13. Basically, it's a union of Steve Morris and Rebekah Isaacs' art. The artists describe the process of making the cover in the article.

I tweaked your headline to remove the spoilers, the cover art is a nice concept.
Thanks, Simon. :)
The final product is actually quite fetching.
I will be getting both covers this month.
I personally am thrilled with io9 for putting character names and places for these issues in a main page paragraph MONTHS in advance with no way to avoid it after I dodged this one.
I mean I say thrilled with them, what I actually mean is "would consider sending to a cabin in the woods"...
I have little sympathy for people clicking on links marked SPOILER discussing a future issue and complaining about... spoilers from a future issue.
WIll WIllow have magic again in the demon dimension? I'm very curious by this. If not, well...she's really going to need a lot of protection.
It didn't particularly matter after I'd already heard it all thanks to that piece of brilliance from io9.
...What with the having already been spoiled and all.
I have to say entire article is very spoilery, and judging by the early sketches of the covers ( Spoiler ) :
I could barely love this cover more.

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