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May 08 2012

Avengers sequel confirmed! Like we didn't already know, now it's official! Robert Iger, CEO of Disney, which owns Marvel, officially confirmed during a conference call today that there will indeed be an "Avengers 2".


(squees under breath)
I guess this is the best place to ask. When can we get added into the quotation pool?

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I guess this is the best place to ask.

Not in a non-spoiler thread, it isn't.
Sparky Z, pleeeeease be joking!
Yay! Joss did such a great job, is it any wonder they are going to make another? It might be too soon to ask, but is there any word whether or not Joss will be involved?
They would be stupid not to go with Joss on the sequel.

So much talk and praise has come from his script/directorial work that they would be foolish not to use him.

However it is Hollywood and you never know, Reese Witherspoon might end up directing the sequel.
Of course what I really want to hear is that it will be made by Joss (I know Marvel gets it, I'm not so sure Disney does).
My pitch: In need of some R&R, the team heads out to a showing of the new Bellwether Pictures adaptation of Much Ado About Nothing.
The thing that worries me is, does Joss actually want to/intend to direct a sequel? Or would he prefer to focus on smaller, more needy Joss-things? I certainly hope he'll do both... has he actually discussed sequeldom anywhere? (It did seem inevitable from the get-go, though I'm still surprised they announced it so quickly.)
It's great and all. Congrats to Joss, and mega-tons of well-earned vindication....

..... but I'd still rather see *original* Joss ideas. Which he won't have time to do if he's trapped in the H'wood treadmill. *sigh*
He has discussed vague thoughts on a sequel if he were to do one, prettymaryk, but he has not indicated if he has an interest in doing it. I believed when asked he just said he wasn't thinking about it yet, and was just focused on getting this one out and then taking a long break.
My question: Does Joss want to do another one? This was a massive undertaking, and he would need to begin fairly soon.
If Joss were to be on board for the sequel, I'm pretty sure in his contract would be some kind of control over the other Marvel movies. He'll be able to lay the groundwork for Avengers 2 instead of trying to put together the pieces left to him.
I think I read that Joss had an option in his contract to come back and work on the sequels. Does that mean he is obligated to do them, or does that mean that Disney/Marvel is obligated to give him first crack at it, if he wants it?
The real question is how many original projects does Disney greenlight in order to convince Joss to do Avengers 2? More than 2 films? A TV production deal at ABC Studios?
PSA: We're going to ease off on the spoiler / not spoiler thread distinctions in the near future. Not for a few more days though. So if you're spoiler averse, haven't seen the movie yet and are reading news about it here, you might want to start bookmarking discussion threads for later.

I expect we'll ask for quote suggestions sometime soon. /PSA

I now return you to your previously scheduled sequel glee.
I don't think any one saw that one coming.
Also my thoughts on Joss and big vs. small projects is I think he's proven he can negotiate a career path that allows for both. I could see why he might turn down an offer to direct another Marvel movie but I can also see why arvel might be offering him 3 right now and he might be saying yes please that sounds awesome.
I think that Joss should hold out for Disney distributing 'Much Ado About Nothing' so that that can get into theaters (lots of theaters, I want to see it in Iowa!).
As mentioned in another thread, it was Joss' idea to put in in the first post-credits reveal of Avengers and that it is apparently one of his favorite Marvel villains from one of Joss' favorite issues of Avengers. If that is the plan for Avengers 2, I'm wondering if that might draw him to do a sequel.

Also it seems that his Avengers paycheck has helped fund Bellwether Pictures to make 'Much Ado About Nothing' and 'In Your Eyes'. An Avengers sequel paycheck could help him produce more movies on his own.
Mr Iger,
Please back up a dump-truck full of money at Whedon's house or give him what ever he wants. He not only repaired the damage John Carter did to DIS bottom line, but will likely exceed 3Q estimates. MVL was a great acquisition and Whedon was the key to the Avengers success. DIS needs that success repeated with Whedon at the helm of Avengers 2.
A long time DIS and also former MVL shareholder
If Joss decides to direct The Avengers 2, then he'll have to first wait and see what happens in Iron Man 3, Thor 2 and Captain America 2 in order to continue the stories of those characters unless he is involved in writing those stories as well. This means that we may have to wait till 2015 at the earliest to see the sequel.
Maybe Joss can have Miramax distribute Much Ado About Nothing, since Miramax is owned by Disney and Miramax caters to independent films.
Isn't Miramax dead?
Disney sold Miramax to Colony Capital in 2010.
They nearly bit it, but sold some properties to stay alive.

@Sunfire - Thanks!
I stand corrected. Maybe it's not a good idea after all, since Harvey Weinstein may decide to edit it further on his own if he acquires it.
mr. iger please buy joss the rights to buffy as a thank you present.
floofypooh ,my understanding is that the option in Joss's contract means that if Marvel/Disney want him,he is under contract to do a sequel.
Not Buffy, pk fire, Goners. #FreeGoners #sosayweall
sorry cabri, old grudgess. #FreeGoners indeed..
No no, not Buffy, Not Goners, I want Joss to own the rights to Firefly!!! LOL
I want Joss to own ALL the dresses.
I want Joss to own the rights to all of his TV shows.
Joss should own everything.
embers the F word still hurts my soul..
Why haven't they annnounced Joss as director yet? OMG are they dropping Joss?? Are they canceling him already? Damn you stingy greedy Marvel! OMG GUYS, we have to start a writing campaign and send a truck full of schwarmas to Disney HQ. Lets get started on the post cards and here visit my site at

Do. Not. Picnic! =D
Embers, so you're a fellow Iowan? I've also been wondering if we'll be able to see "Much Ado" before it goes to DVD.
Yeah, PaperSpock, it is tough living in 'fly over' USA... "The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel" opened in only 27 theaters, and I don't want that to happen to "Much Ado About Nothing" because you know that none of those theaters are in Iowa (I guess I could drive to Chicago and visit my brother??).
OTOH every tiny town in the entire state got 'Avengers'! LOL
I believe the option on Joss's contract works thusly: if Marvel wants him back for the sequel, they can't force him to make it. He can opt out because of scheduling conflicts, lack of interest, etc. It only set the terms of his return, as in salary, compensation, duties.

The option also does not mean that Marvel has to offer Joss the sequel first. The studio could decide to go with someone else entirely and not have to consult Joss at all.

Having said all that, the vibe I'm getting from interviews with Feige is that Marvel was very, very pleased with Joss's work on the movie and very much wants him back for the sequel. The problem is scheduling: if they want The Avengers 2 to come out soon, I'm afraid that Joss might turn it down to focus on his own creations.

I'm torn. I want more original Joss material but The Avengers 2 would probably suck without him. An ensemble superhero movie with so many disparate characters is a recipe for disaster. Best case scenario: The Avengers sequel is announced for 2016, which gives Joss 2 years of making original content for Bellwether, and then back to the Marvel-verse!
The real question is how many original projects does Disney greenlight in order to convince Joss to do Avengers 2? More than 2 films? A TV production deal at ABC Studios?

Is this something that could happen? Because this thought gives me a happy.
NOT ABC Studios please. Does Disney own some cable channels besides ABC Family and ESPN? My fragile constitution cannot stand dealing with another Joss Whedon show on broadcast television.
If Joss has been prepping DH2 and Wastelanders and can get those jump-started this year, I'd be surprised if he couldn't accomplish it all. And I suspect at this point there's a lot of desire on both the part of Marvel and Joss to continue what they've started with The Avengers. But I'll bet nothing's etched in stone as of today. Big time questions for our hero to consider! Can you not imagine the appeal of not only doing the sequel, but having his own front-of-the-classroom epic comic book trilogy? It's there for the taking. Not to mention the appeal of taking this cache and doing anything he wants to away from The Avengers? Big questions indeed.
I do have to wonder if he really WANTS to do a sequel. I've gotten the impression that, while he had fun on the movie, it was also really draining and not necessarily something he wants to do again in the near future.

I don't want our Joss to get too burnt out. :(

That said, in my perfect world he would be able to do both the Avengers sequel and his own original stuff somehow. (Hell, in my perfect world he would just write and direct ALL THE THINGS.)
I think he's kind of an ALL THE THINGS kind of guy...I'm sure it wears him the heck out, but this is certainly a guy who has thrived in the pressure cooker of juggling many things at once. I for one would really like to see him be the go-to writer/director for this series, although that 2015 release date is terribly soon in big movie terms.
While Joss should have the final word, nothing says he has to do a sequel all by himself. There is a lot of talent in the former Mutant Enemy pool, maybe he could get someone to be a co- or assistant writer and/or director (provided they aren't too busy with their own projects).
OneTeV, that's kind of what I was thinking. Or maybe he could just write it and not direct? Maybe produce? But after reading the Cabin in the Woods visual companion it sounds like producing is about the same amount of work, just less time on the actual set with the actors. I expect it would also be very different for a big movie like this so I retract my previous producing suggestion.
jcs, I don't know. I'm just making shit up for fun. :)
Guillermo del Toro has been planning to bring a new Hulk series to ABC. I imagine Marvel is concerned about having two live-action versions of the character at the same time. The series will be at a disadvantage if it's cut-off from the larger Marvel universe. What if that wasn't a problem? Mark Ruffalo and Joss seemed to enjoy collaborating together. In fact, when asked about further Hulk stories, Ruffalo said he'd like "Josh" to be the creative mastermind of where the character goes next. What if ABC/Disney/Marvel hired Joss as the showrunner of the series with Mark Ruffalo as the lead? Imagine the ratings if Robert Downey Jr. or any of the other actors were to make occasional guest appearances.

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Anybody else wondering if Joss has already outlined Avengers 2 & 3 storylines? It would be so very like him. If Iron Man 3, Thor 2, and Cap 2 are already in development, he must know the direction for those stories.

If he can just write scripts for a Hulk movie, a Black Widow/Hawkeye movie, and a SHIELD movie, then do Wastelanders and DH2 before getting Goners into development and get a distributor deal for Much Ado, then he can write and start pre-production on Avengers 2. Gawd, it was exhausting just writing that.

The guy's gotta be the hottest property in Tinseltown now. Wow. Our Joss done good.
The more Joss has financially successful interactions with big Hollywood, the more Bellwether has in its production budgets. So another "Avengers" could theoretically finance (for instance) "Dr. Horrible" 2-8 ...
I know Joss has an option for the Avengers 2 in his contract and since it's not going to be shooting for another 2 years minimum and Joss has talked about a potential squeal I see no reason why he wouldn't return

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I'd rather have Joss direct the Black Widow movie, actually. I'm worried about what director will be attached to that film and I really want a well-made female superhero movie. I'm so worried that one's gonna suck like Iron Man 2, or even be mediocre like Thor.
Just got back from watching it, super excited. It was full of win and you could totally see Whedon's influence. Nobody does it quite like Joss. Most movie-induced fun ever! I must watch it again, and again, and again.
It would be interesting if Joss does a sequel because I think he'd have more trust from the audience and studio to get a little "darker" and more ambitious with the material. "Darker" in the sense that Buffy started off all bright and sunny and a bit color-by-numbers, but later stretched its material into never-before-seen directions, set-up unexpected but in-retrospect-completely-logical twists and surprises, leaving us all salivating for the sequel to see what will happen next to our beloved characters.
I don't know how much this translates to how big-screen movies are produced, but we have seen His Purpleness multitask and delegate successfully (while still having the ultimate guiding role) when it comes to TV projects. I wonder if he could do the same with The Avengers...

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