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May 09 2012

(SPOILER) Discuss Buffy Season 9 #9. The second part of the 'Apart (of me)' arc is out today.

Actually it leaked last month but let's pretend that didn't happen.

I thought the issue was a little bit slow and the art on Cheung was not too good (too much like the old Dark Horse Buffy comics).

What's up with Xander by the way? He's behaving like a mewling quim.

I could not find any difference between this version and the leaked one. (Are we allowed to discuss that?) Anybody else tried to compare them?
And the Dollhouse just keeps on coming...
On the topic of the leak that we are pretending didn't happen, is there any update on how it actually happened?
Dark Horse haven't said anything. If anything the leak has slowed the momentum of Season 9 way down. Hopefully things will pick up with the next issue.
Rickety old spaceship with a surly captain and a girl having her mind switched into another body. Seems like Joss is combining all his series into one with Buffy Season 9!

If any of the characters end up going to see a particularly horrible doctor at some point in the story, my theory is officially confirmed...
Is this issue doomed or something? The digital store is not available right now
Seems to be ok now?
Darn, I missed the leak. I guess I was distracted. ;-)

I just have to say that I am very much looking forward to buying this at my comic book store today, with the "yes my master is now your master" walk.
I JUST picked up this issue, driving home and then I'll read it and share my thoughts :)
@lisatwingomez Yeay! Look forward to it! :D
@Five Horizons: LOL! I was thinking something along those same lines. Andrew la Dr. Horrible? I guess it remains to be seen.

I've only had a chance to scroll/click/swipe through the pages so no comments about the plot development yet, but I have to say that I'm really starting to miss Jeanty's art.
Just finished it and I feel... let down. The preview for this issue was basically... the whole issue, or at least the climax of the issue. I thought it'd kick off with a bang and LEAD somewhere... but it was rather a drive around the park--make that stroll, a slow, non-confrontational stroll... And we end up right where we started, waiting for the next issue for something to happen. Come on Buffy! The adventures of Angel & Faith are kicking your butt.
I agree that the issue lacked a "punch" so to speak. I didn't feel like a whole lot happened, but it was all necessary to get us where we need to go.
I have my copy of Buffy S9 # 9.

As everyone knows,this issue leaked online last month with issue 8.I avoided reading the actual issue itself(I did see a panel or two here or there) but I did want to be fully spoiled and read the various detailed summaries that were written up.So I was already fully spoiled for this issue which I liked going into today actually.I'm a spoiler whore,what can I say.

I thought the issue was pretty good.One of the better issues of Buffy in season 9 so far IMO.

What's going on with Xander has me intrigued.Is it post traumatic stress as some have speculated or something else but something seems to be going on with him?Really liked his interaction with Dowling and the call back to Jesse.

Speaking of Dowling.He's really getting a crash course in this world now.

The rest of the issue with Buffy,Spike,Andrew,Simone and other Buffy had some interesting developments.I wonder right this second which is upsetting Buffy more,what Andrew did or the fact he seemed to create a better life for her than she has for herself.

I still find Andrew such a annoying character but I did enjoy some moments in this issue with him when he's interacting with Buffy.

Spike's role was pretty much a continuation of last issue.

I also got a kick out the whole Angel Island bit.

Also on the last page where real body/programed mind Buffy knocked out robo Buffy with real mind,I think I like the violet streaks in Buffy's hair.But now I'm also wondering,wouldn't it take more than a piece of wood to knock out Buffy since it's a robot body?

Probably my biggest disappointment with today's issue is that in the letter page it says Angel & Faith # 10 will be out May 30th.I'm leaving for a two week trip to Germany on May 24 which means I won't be able to get my copy until I get back after June 3rd and I won't have computer access either during this period.So I won't know what happens in Angel & Faith # 10 until I get back. *sad face*
Maybe it is robot Xander!
Here's my summary and review. I didn't read it beforehand either, but...well, people have been talking about it, and those preview pages? More like SPOILER pages!

So, today is not a day full of thrilling surprises. But I liked the issue alright.
I'm recording a review of this for my Buffy comics podcast on iTunes. I'll have the review up by tomorrow morning :)
I'm at a loss to guess where this is all going. I know a lot of people were excited about the pregnancy/abortion plot line and were very disappointed when it was a tease(I find it funny that in the issue where we learn she is not pregnant every single letter was about cool the idea was).
I enjoyed S8 until the end, but I am not digging this season at all.
S8 was a way to reconnect with the story and characters, and I don't think that's true here. I find myself skimming the issues until Willow gets back or something happens that isn't another rehash.
I'm on board the "general confusion" train. When I think about all that's gone down so far in Season 9, I see some metaphors for awkwardly becoming a young adult...paying the bills, cohabitation, blackout drinking, pregnancy scares... And then there's robo-Buffy and mood-swing Xander.

I don't know. Is there a big bad being alluded to that I'm missing?
"Rickety old spaceship with a surly captain and a girl having her mind switched into another body. Seems like Joss is combining all his series into one with Buffy Season 9!"

Ha ha! Good call!

I am wondering though if Xander is losing his Dawn memories because of the seed breaking/loss of magic thing. Maybe when he called for her and she didn't come right away he thought she might have ceased to exist.

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Man, this was sloooow moving. I'm finding the whole Buffy, Spike and Andrew situation just extrememly dull. There's a couple of panels I didn't even get, like the one where Spike and Buffy are both just saying "What?". So confused.

I quite liked the Xander/Dowling stuff but I just fail to see where it's going, at this point Dowling seems like a nice guy and all but I don't see any reason why I should care about his undead education. And I'm finding Xander's bad mood really out of character, I mean it could be PTSD I guess but that's hardly the most exciting character arc of the century is it?

I dunno, I'm feeling pretty down on the comics, had a four month break and then caught up but still feel like some pizazz is missing. I guess I miss Willow too. And Faith. And well, all the other slayers.
I, too, didn't quite understand a couple panels. Could someone explain the Andrew-buggy-eyed-squiggly mouth panel? What is that look supposed to mean? Is Andrew just like, "Buffy do NOT go there, girl." Like digupherbones, I didn't understand the "what? what?" panel. Can someone 'splain? Is it: Buffy is just like..."ooooh, that island is named after my ex boyfriend! Spike does that UPSET you???" And Spike is like, "Wow are you lame." If that's the case, I am with Spike on this one. I mean grow up, Buff. There's a lot of stuff named "Angel" in this world.
I am ... kinda confused. Even if Warren left all his info on robots, and even if Andrew could figure out how to build a Buffybot, the vague threat that something is coming for Buffy does not seem like adequate motivation for what he did. And even if it was ... where the hell did he get the money? Robot!Buffy has a nice house, nice clothes, a car .... where did he get money for all that?

I really hope we get some explanation soon, on both the why and the how of Andrew's plan. Because right now, none of this is making much sense to me. Which is sad, 'cause until the robot twist, I was loving season 9.
Man, this was sloooow moving. I'm finding the whole Buffy, Spike and Andrew situation just extrememly dull. There's a couple of panels I didn't even get, like the one where Spike and Buffy are both just saying "What?". So confused.

Yeah, this was the first issue of this 'season' whose editing was as bad as the late-S8 stuff. (Early S8 was much better than Angel: After the Fall in terms of editing/proofing, but the book...slipped.)

Laboured and contrived and unfunny. "Can't wait for next month!"
Y'know what would be nice? If Joss came back to the book for a bit and tightened the reins.

Peace be upon him.
Is it wrong that I enjoyed fake Buffy taking a 2x4 to real Buffy? I seriously just can't take anymore of this whining about how she made this responsible, crystal-clear decision and then it was taken away from her! No! *Gasp!* How horrible! But point of fact, her decision was that she didn't want to be pregnant and as it happens, she's not - the immaculate abortion. So what's the problem? Was she jonesing for the actual procedure? Or maybe she just had a hankering for real blood spurting out of her arm stump? Not defending Andrew in the least, but given how events have unfolded... I feel like I'm the one who is suffering though these awful bailout plot devices and maybe Buffy could find it in herself to be a wee little bit happy that in the final math, they've pretty much bounced in her favor. She got blackout drunk at the party - her responsibility. No pregnancy. No STDs. Arm still fully attached... granted being used by another personality to slug her with a 2x4, but these things happen from time to time. And my enjoyment of it is in no way waning.
So the pink hair in Body-Buffy means Simone is influencing her or sSimone transferred her mind in Body-Buffy?
Man...these past few issues have just been bad. The promise of early season 9 are fading...
I realize I'm a wee bit late with this and who cares anyway about some random person's opinion but, I just read this finally and man was that a huge cop out.
She's pregnant and decides to get an abortion -- but wait! It's a robot!
I'm really let down. I mean, the only thing Joss has going for him anymore is his willingness to take chances, to disrupt the status quo. Maybe it's all the Hollywood living. Or maybe he just wimped out.
Ah well, having heroes means being let down. I knew that going in. We'll always have UPN.

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