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May 09 2012

(SPOILER) The Gutters reaction to The Avengers. Web comic describes mildly spoilerish reaction to Avengers (they thoroughly enjoyed it). In related coverage, The Hollywood Reporter has worked out how much damage the final act would do to Manhattan in real life. And over at boingboing, Tom The Dancing Bug speculates on Avengers 2.

To keep things relatively sane on the front page, I've added another link to this entry.
Thank you. Maybe there should just be a daily 'Avengers Reaction' post that gathers them all together.
Captain America's plan for civilians seems to have been implemented a little too well... there seemed to be a lack of general populace mayhem that one would expect during an extraterrestrial attack on a city as densely populated as Manhattan.
The webcomic was fun, except the ScarJo comment. I actually noticed that most shots purposefully didn't show her ass.
Her ass was nearly a focal point at one point, but on reflection I think it was done entirely on purpose for that scene. (Trying to twist around spoilers, here)
Re: lack of civilian uprising. I touched on that in my own article: "What The Avengers Got Wrong". Big spoilers, there.
Web comic "Cloud Five" also focuses on The Avengers:

That's last Friday's, the next few strips continue the geektastic tale...

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