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May 09 2012

Blast from the Past - Clare Kramer. She takes a look back at her part as Glory "the Beast" in Buffy, on the "Sci-fi and Tv Talk" website.

Kevin Weisman was Dreg?!?! Mind. Blown.

Sweet article, she seems so nice!!
She is super nice. I got to meet her and shake her hand last year at Phoenix Comic Con. Even though I did not go to the Backup Blast , I had always wanted to thank her personally for what she and her husband did for the flans that were left twisting. And I finally had my chance. Awesome!
Actress Clare Kramer talks about playing the demon Glorificus a.k.a. Glory on Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Glory isn't a demon. She's a God!
/Quentin Travers voice
She was my favorite Big Bad.
Though I love episodes from each and every season of Buffy, season 5 is my favorite overall - it's so cohesive - and that's due in no small part to Clare's portrayal (and the character as written) as GLORY. At this point, I almost know every Buffy episode by heart, but she never fails to crack me up. And despite her delicate good looks & grace, I thoroughly believed in her superpowers and god-like strength.

I know that in 2006, she kindly opened her Hollywood restaurant some weeks early so that the Flan Backup Bash could party there, but it appears to have since closed. Anyone know anything about that?

(It was located quite close to where Mr. QuoterGal & I are soonish to be opening a coffeehouse in the fall (its name will likely change) so naturally I'm very interested in why it closed. ; ] Location, ya know, location. )

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