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May 09 2012

Roadshow expands The Cabin in the Woods release in Australia. Adelaide, Brisbane, and Perth join Melbourne and Sydney in getting the film after public outcry over Roadshow initially not booking an Australian theatrical release.

I truly hope the business will match the outcry.

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Yay!! I'll definitely be going to the Adelaide opening. Hopefully I can convince some friends to go along too.
Yep, I'll definitely be going to Adelaide too!
Adelaide as well, this is awesome news. Really was hoping we'd get something like this, didn't want to miss seeing it with an audience.
Congratulations to the fans.
Seconded, The First Weevil. Nothing worse than sounding mighty then... not being mighty.
Adelaide, too!
Sounds to me like Adelaide is going to take the box office crown in Australia. ;)
Chalk up at least five more for Adelaide on opening night, I and some friends are pretty stoked about this!
As someone who has hounded Roadshow from the beginning about their initial decision to not release "Cabin", this news makes me (literally) bounce off the walls.

The thing about it is that the release will be limited but within close distance to central areas of the country. Limited release at independent theatres means less possible egg on our faces if this thing goes south, which I'm sure it won't because we are quite the loyal and fierce legion of fans.

I for one can't wait!
Another Adelaide guy here! That's great news :)
I hope everyone who wants to see it gets to, because it is huge fun (I may even go a third time my own self... but Avengers is kind of distracting). Congratulations on the campaign!
Wow... Lots of Adelaide whedon fans... I'll be there too
Wow. So many Radelaideans here, I thought we were much smaller in numbers. I won't be going, no matter how heaps good Joss is, as I can't stand horror movies, but I will spread the word. Let's get Eastend filled up.

I thought this might happen given the amazing response to Avengers in Aus and the number of people dying to watch more Hemsworth and see more of Joss' work.
Great stuff.
I can't actually find the date its playing in adelaide, on the cinema website though... Has anyone else from Adelaide found it?
June 14, but it's not on Palace's website yet. It was only confirmed today so I'd expect it up there within a week.
Thanks matt7325
Crap! Just realised i'll be on holiday in New York by then... Where it probably won't be showing anymore... Dang it!
Congrats Aussies! Especially Adelaide fans since that seems to be where most of you are (how oddly concentrated?). You will not be disappointed!
@DreamRose311 I do believe that is due to our superior taste in cultural matters.
It's sad no one has taken over running CSTS Adelaide though! I had to stop a few years back and no one has stepped up and picked up the mantle!

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