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"They got them hoppy legs and twitchy little noses."
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May 10 2012

Would you follow Loki into battle?. After watching this video of Tom Hiddleston performing an impromptu Shakespearean monologue From 'Henry V', I just might!

I saw the avengers with my friend who's a bfa acting major, really big into shakespeare, we both come from theater backgrounds. after we saw the movie, we both looked at each other and said "This Tom Hiddleston definitely comes from the stage."
Yes! I am feeling the Hiddleston love.
Started a Hiddles thread on another board. So yep. <3
@willowy where?
I'll msg you.
I would follow Tom Hiddleston into anything.
I'm really looking forward to the upcoming history plays.
I am in love with him. He's such a great actor. I really can't wait til Thor 2 and desperately hope he'll be in Avengers 2 to see him under Joss' writing/direction (hopefully) once again, but this time, on the side of good with just an air of mystery/on the line of evil.

I've thought way too much about this lol
I'd certainly follow Tom Hiddleston to his bed.
Yeah... He's kind of my husband already, sooo... ;)
Such diction that man has! He seemed a bit rushed at first, but he hit his stride while addressing the yeoman.
Good diction, yes Eton will do that for you. We always used to feel rather sorry for the poor little flowers, no girls allowed there you see, still doesn't seem to have had any lasting impact ;o).
From the same website as the Hiddleston video: ‘THE AVENGERS’ WEAPONS IN LEGO FORM.

(I wasn't sure if this link was front-page-worthy, so I'm putting it here.
Oh, yes. Hello, Bardy goodness!
Wow. That was as good as in Branaugh's movie and Tom just stood up and did it with no prep. Amazing.
I love that this page spells Hoppus' name wrong (Hoopus, really? even)though it appears on the frame of the video below the article and then Hoppus says Henry IV... Ha... Well played by Mr. Hiddleston, however :).
Wow, that was great!
(And, btw, love the link description! :D )

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