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May 10 2012

Joss' favourite Buffy episodes. Logo TV will be showing Joss' fave eps from Buffy on May 19th.

Ooh, very disappointed "The Gift" isn't one of Joss's faves. :(

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No, it's on the reporter's wishlist.
This is the list that features on the letter that came with the Buffy Complete Boxset DVD?
I think this list also was a feature on the regular season 7 DVD.
Yeah, I've seen this list before, but I forget where. I think the letter in the Complete Boxset is the one that included only eps Joss didn't direct.
That list is oddly similar to my list...
I remember watching a DVD extra about that in the 7th season box set. I just remember #1 being "Innocence", and him talking about that one scene where Buffy first sees Angelus but thinks it's Angel, and his shirt's off and he's so mean to her and the pain is just WONDERFUL. Not in so many words. Love it.

I wasn't totally sold on Conversations With Dead People, but I agree on Becoming (my personal favorite), Hush, Once More With Feeling, The Body, The Wish...which he also named then.
I suspect Joss's "list" might not be the same now as it was when the box set came out. I know my list changes, though there are some constants, e.g., Hush, The Body, OMWF, Normal Again, The Wish.
I loved Conversations With Dead People. I would have liked to see "Earshot" on this list. But I have no real complaints about what episodes he chose.
I looked back at my boxed set, and the list he includes there includes his ten favorite episodes that were shot by other people (he actually names twelve). He also mentions that his list always changes.

1. The Pack
2. Ted
3. Passion
4. I Only Have Eyes For You
5. The Wish
6. The Zeppo
7. Earshot
8. Pangs
9. Fool for Love
10. Tabula Rasa
11. Selfless
12. Conversations with Dead People

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I was actually enjoying reading that, right up until I got to the mention of Dawn and Riley. :(
I don't know why Dawn and Riley get so much flack. It's not like they were Wesley Crusher or anything.
The list is very similar to mine, but I might have included one of the pivotal Faith episodes. That whole storyline is just fantastic, and season 3 has easily the strongest season arc of the series. Then again it's so well spread out, I'm not sure it can be pinpointed to a single stand-out episode. Season 3 was probably the most heavily serialized season, which is probably why I like it so much as a season. Maybe it doesn't belong on the list, for that very reason.

Odd how Go Fish was one of the wishlist episodes. I always found it to be one of the weakest episodes outside of season 1. Alongside Reptile Boy. And maybe The Gift, which I can't seem to ignore the huge gaping plot hole in (Summers blood don't make no sense - Buffy was simply not made from a key, and the ritual is really weird to begin with considering the key isn't usually a just doesn't add up).
Poor Dawn and Riley. Poor Wesley Crusher.
I would definitely add "Fool for Love". That episode really showed me how great the show could be.
Cool list. Joss has great taste. :)
I would have liked to see Lovers Walk... that's my go to episode for the whole series.

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I love that list Squishy. The Pack (first episode I ever watched), Earshot, Selfless, Pangs, all of my favorite episodes that weren't on the other list. Thanks for sharing.
Pangs is forever in my heart, it's the first episode I ever saw properly, back when I decided to start watching the show.

(my earliest memory of Buffy is Passion, when my brother was watching it. But it scared me, I was 10 at the time, I believe. So I left him to watch it on his own. Only later when I watched that episode again did I realize the two girls sitting on that bed, being scared, had actually been my dear Buffy and Willow :) )

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