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May 10 2012

ABC Renews 'Castle' and 'Suburgatory'. The shows stars Firefly alumns Nathan Fillion and Alan Tudyk, respectively.

ABC also renewed "Once Upon a Time" (writer/producer Jane Espenson and lots of Whedonverse guests, including Amy Acker, Harry Groener and Tony Amendola) and "Grey's Anatomy" (Jesse Williams, Holden in CiTW).
@Shapenew, How the hell did I miss that that was Harry Groener in episode 5? *feels ashamed*

I like that Castle and Once have been renewed! :D
Big Damn TV Stars.
Great news! I love Suburgatory, Once Upon a Time and Castle.
I love Castle, only started watching it last year, can't wait for the new season. Haven't seen Suburgatory yet, but will try to catch up on that soon. I tried watching Once Upon a Time, but it just couldn't pull me in so I gave up after 6 episodes or so. :(
Happy for everyone involved! Castle and Suburgatory are weeklies on our DVR for pizza night...yet I’m ashamed to admit there’s also every ep of Once Upon a Time as well. Waiting.

Did enjoy the few I’ve watched so are. My hope is the show’ll be more compelling as a back2back marathon. The sprawling cast feels less like an ensemble and more like a Mongol horde to me.
Add Emma Caufield to the OUaT guest star list.

Love Castle, OUaT, and Suburgatory!!! Congrats to all, can't wait to see you back on my tv next fall!
I love Castle and Once. Suburgatory may be one of the most inane sit-coms I've ever seen (IMO), but I'm glad Alan has a job. So, YAY! all around.

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