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May 11 2012

Joss Whedon's 'Firefly' crew, flying high ten years later. The Hollywood Reporter offers a "where are they now" summary of Serenity's crew.

Can't help but feel like Chuck should have got mentioned with Baldwin.
What about Stargate: Atlantis for Jewel (That was the one she was on, right?), V for Morena, Terminator for Summer, that period piece on NBC I can't recall the name of for Sean...

These things never seem to get all the facts. But I suppose we should be happy they're being written at all. And those of us who know better can make all the corrections.

Oh, and also? "Love interest"???? Argh.
Missing out Chuck is really odd.
I think it's focussed on current and upcoming projects as opposed to those from the past.
... and they left out Ron Glass. But then, he was already well-established, not an up-and-coming unknown.
Where are they now as opposed to where have they been lately...

I ~could~ see that with Chuck's season 5 DVD's being promoted on some websites that they might have mentioned that... But that's about it.

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To echo other's comments, this is about what they are doing at the moment; I figured they would have left Ron out b/c maybe he's not doing anything, but I just checked IMDB and he's got this coming out, which looks like it will either be really awful, or epic awesomeness:
Goodness... Ron Glass, Alan Tudyk and Juliet Landau... and then also Tim Curry, Michael Dorn, and George Takei... I'm certainly intrigued
...and Claudia Black!
Nice character descriptions. Nathan Fillion and Alan Tudyk are "the brusque and charming lead space cowboy" and "ship's ace pilot" while Gina Torres and Morena Baccarin are "Tudyk's wife" and "a love interest for captain Mal." Though to be fair, Sean Maher gets the same treatment.
You gotta love the photo on Ron's IMDB page. Also, The LA Complex is my new guilty pleasure.

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