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May 11 2012

The Avengers - a financial analysis. Want to know what % each company makes from The Avengers? Grab your calculator & start reading.

But it doesn't answer the most important question: How much did JOSS make? (According to him... enough to pay for one nice dinner.)

Well it's the only movie I've ever gone to see at the cinema twice. So Disney did something right. Please take more of my money.
Yeah, I'm itching to see it again for a third time in theaters. That's the Joss power -- making you want to rewatch and relive -- and we're seeing that power on a mainstream level.
For economical reasons, I'm trying to keep myself from going to see it again, but I really really want to (which is not common with me). However, I also want to see The Cabin in the Woods when it opens in Sweden, and movie tickets are expensive these days. If The Avengers sticks around and the tickets go down, I'll probably go see it again.
I'm hoping this upcoming 2nd weekend in the US will still be strong. Within my own family it's unexpectedly strong: (a) my wife wants to see it again, and (b) my 13 year old daughter wants to see it. Call this the "2nd Wave Attendee Effect."

So I get to see it again -- yay!
Yeah, I'll probably take my son to see it, so I have an excuse to see it again..
I wish there were a line about the impact on a certain micro-studio's budget.

Wouldn't mind seeing a mini-mogul or two go maxi.
If joss gets a percentage of the profits, even if it's like less than 1% wouldn't that still be millions?
Wow! That is not the way I would tackle a financial analysis of the film. It's like he came at it sideways. ODD.

Still seems weird that some are hung up on what Joss is making. It's sure to be a LOT OF MONEY (in the millions). Other than that, I'm not sure why people "need" to know...
I admit, I clicked on that wanting to know what Joss's percentage is.

The reason I want to know is so that I can fantasize about all the projects he could be independently producing in the future.
I'm actually more tempted to see Cabin in the Woods again (I've seen both of them twice now) because of the hidden Easter eggs (I STILL don't know how Tom Lenk died, I know some people here said he lived, but Tom himself tweeted that there was a bit to be seen... but he didn't say what).

Although on the NPR show on Avengers they said that it would be good to focus on some of Tony Stark's interior decoration (which I don't think I ever noticed). Maybe I'll have to see both of them a third time.

Of course I'll be buying both on DVD and I'll be able to enjoy them in depth then.
Saw Cabin and Avengers both twice in theaters within a week (the first of each being their respective midnight opens). AHH SO GOOD.

I kinda feel like, being both the writer AND director of this film shoulf give Joss a bigger piece of the pie than a fraction of a percent (although I don't know what his take is, I'm just basing that idea off a previous comment). I mean, this was a HUGE budget movie that made back its investment before it even opened domestically, not to mention the money it's going to CONTINUE making after its record-breaking opening weekend through DVD sales and related items. My roommate works at a Target and she says the amount of Avengers-themed toys being sold are ridiculous.

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WhatsAStevedore, that merchandise is exactly why Disney paid $4 billion to buy Marvel. The movies are rounding errors financially.
I don't think JW was in a position to get points. My impression is that people only get points if they are financing the movie, if they have enormous pull and success such that they can demand a cut, or if it's a low budget indie film and people are offered points in lieu of a decent salary.
I confess I too followed this link in the hopes of finding out how much Joss is raking in, if only to compliment my idle "New Firefly on Netflix" daydreams...

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