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"Scully wants me so bad."
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May 11 2012

(SPOILER) NPR's Pop Culture Discussion of The Avengers. The Pop Culture Happy Hour crew discuss The Avengers and other topics.

Actually, our "culture" was here all the time.
Nice. Just in time for tedious database work.
Fabulous, I am loving this discussion! And I love that one of the guys did his Masters thesis on Buffy (because that is always awesome)!
This is a really good podcast. I'll be paying more attention to Iron Man's display tomorrow. I adore clever interface geekery on film but gave up trying to follow that and the scenes at the same time during my first viewing.
That was entertaining. A nice you-can-listen-while-at-work groove.
Love the bit about Mark Ruffalo's 10 year old kid having a giant man crush on Tom Hiddleston

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