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"die and we blame someone and then do it all again."
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February 05 2004

(SPOILER) AtS S5x13 'Why We Fight' trailer. Well that was different.

Ok - not to say anything - but I can't help it - what the heck is with the hair? :)

Huh, uh-huh - that's about all I can say without busting out laughing. Poor James, another dye job, well at least it is closer to his natural color. Also was there hair dye's in 1940's for men???
I think both Angel and Spike have laughable hair in this trailer. It's hilarious -- and I'm thinking inadvertently so. Nazi stuff isn't usually meant to be funny, "The Producers" aside.....

For sure there was hair dye for men in the 1940s. There's been some form of hair dye for both men and women for centuries.
The WB really put the whammy on this one. They made it look like a promo for Charmed. The gang goes to the 1940's- it's wacky- wheeeee!

I agree about the hair. I cracked up laughing (even though it was 15 seconds after Cordy died) and I just know I'll be too busy laughing at Spike's hair next week to pay attention to the show.
Yep - any similarity between the promo and the actual episode is purely coincidental. Don't you think they should have a special Emmy category for Most Misleading Series Promo?

BTW, hair dye has been around for thousands of years. The human race has been putting crap on its hair ever since that fateful moment in our evolution when we first realized we had hair to put crap on.
heh yeah same here lalaa. it felt weird being so heartbroken and then suddenly laughin it out with the hair.

as for the promos, wissxwe, i couldn't agree more. upn had the worst buffy ads and the wb has the most idiotic, annoying charmed ads. what are the suits thinking of us as an audience, when they actually greenlight these ads?

also, i'm thinking if cleopatra had so many cosmetic products, she must've also had hair dye. in many countries, plants and other things (some are unmentionable for grossness' sake) have been used for years. humanity has had a hard time keeping it au natural for the longest time.

p.s. the google ads on the right are all about henna and hair dye at the moment...sheesh!

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And if anyone is going to put crap in his hair, it's Spike. I've always had a small little wish to find an excuse to have a flashback to the neo punk scene in the late 1980s/early 1990s. I've always pictured Spike either having a mohawk or dying his hair green. Or both.
I think Dru would make him dye it pink in the punk era - I would have like to seen the woodstock flashback and how he looked there, you know in hippie gear with long hair and those little round glasses - I bet he and Dru would have been cute - and I know hair dye has been around for thousands of years for women but I didn't know men in the 40's had their own - I know they use to uses shoe polish which just made that look even funnier - or perhaps it was Miss Clariol number whatever. Anyway, shouldn't he have been a blonde back then as well cause you know then he would have fir into Hitler's perfect little view of the superior race. Blond hair and blue eyed.

But here's an interesting story that caught my eye a few days ago .... How deadly is hair dye? Researchers have found more signs of a possible link between the use of hair-colouring products over a long period of time and non-Hodgkin's lymphoma, a study in the American Journal of Epidemiology found.

Thank goodness Spike is already dead. :)
Prejudgy Time: "Why We Fight" sounds pretty lame from the trailer and the few basic spoilers I've heard. So, of course, I'm hoping ME can prove me wrong, like they almost always do in these circumstances. But 1943 flashbacks? C'mon! And there better be a funeral scene!
Too bad there's no funeral for poor Cordelia. Or ANY SIGN OF GRIEVING.

Jesus. We go from best episode, to this crap.
It was written by Goddard and DeKnight, so I'm hopeful, no matter how it sounds right now. I've loved what the two of them have done so far, and I really loved Damage. I'm hoping that they'll continue to be a great collaboration, no matter how much I personally don't care about U-boat stories.
My son emailed me on this. He said, "It looks awful, but I know it won't be."

I hope he's right!

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I hope so too, because the concept and the trailer just seem--dumb. However, BtVS and AtS have proven me wrong before, and I'd be thrilled to be wrong about this. "Spike--you're a Nazi!" Of course you are, because you're EVIL! Gah. Das Boot with vampires. But I loved Das Boot...
I wouldn't want to judge it based on only a WB promo. (Particularly one that says Angel is "our last line of defense".)

God, it sounds like it was written by Sgt. Rummy.
Is Spike, as a character, supposed to have naturally blond hair or did he dye it even when he was human? I never really figured that one out.
No well-brought-up Victorian boy would dye his hair--unless he were an actor or otherwise putting on airs. William may be a bad poet, but he's a nice boy, a "good man," as he understands it by the standards of the time, so I think we're meant to assume that William's hair is its natural color--light brown, or dishwater blond--whatever you want to call it. The platinum, Billy-Idol look seems to be 70's-punk-Spike--our first glimpse of it is his fight with Nikki in the subway in the flashback to 1977 in "Fool for Love."
Geez, what's with all the judginess on this ep? All we've seen is a one minute promo! I don't see what was so laughable about Spike's hair either. Cause it was black? Let's save the judginess until after the episode airs like we usually do. If I'd judged Buffy episodes by those hideous UPN promos I don't think I ever would have watched the show.
Excellent point, fact, for several years I didn't watch at all...more fool me...but I finally "got it", and I'm certainly more than willing to give these folks the benefit of the doubt...they've well more than earned it, a hundred times over.
D'oh...!...the old double post syndrome rears its obnoxious head!

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Mind Pieces - not being judgy - jusy being ammused. Spike's hair being black is laughable on many a levels not the first of which is hearing him tell the story about they dyed his hair black in the being trying to get Spike's (ala Sid of the Sex Pistols) look, but no one thought it looked good and quickly nixed the idea. So to see someone go back to it almost 7 years later I find quite ammusing and a shout out to the fans of the show who wanted to see what the original concept of Spike might have looked like. I can't wait to see it and get a better look at the black haired Spike.
Love submarine stuff - those things are naturally creepy. Looking forward to the episode, so. Maybe they'll pull a Crazy Ivan.

Anyone old enough to remember 'Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea?'
Not being judgy either -- like RavenU, just plenty amused. Come on, don't Spikey and Angel look a bit silly with their hair like that? It made me chuckle, but in a fond way. Maybe I also chuckled uncontrollably as a way to release the shock of having just realized that Cordelia was dead. That realization broadsided me like a Mack truck.

I have great faith in the ME folks and believe that the ep will probably be run of the mill ME brilliant. Never mind the promo.
prolific: I remember Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea, Channel 4 used to show it along with reruns of Lost in Space. It was miles better than Seaquest DSV.

Maeve: I loved Das Boot too. Best TV series about war ever made. I've never seen anything since that has topped it. Band of Brothers came close but Das Boot has the edge.

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