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May 11 2012

The Avengers forecasted to bring in $95.4 million in second weekend. Box Office Mojo's forecast has The Avengers dropping 54% from it's opening weekend. If The Avengers can slightly outperform that prediction, it'd be the first film to ever make $100 million in its 2nd weekend.

I will be helping this total. I don't think a 54% is that unreasonable considering the sheer amount of people who saw it in the first weekend.
considering how much it overperformed last weekend, even predictions being made over the weekend, I wouldn't be shocked to see 100M.
Okay that does it. I'm going a third time.

Actually I kind of love it. I NEVER see movies multiple times in theaters, but I saw Cabin twice and Avengers twice, both in a week of their openings, both including the midnight showings, and I have to say, both those movies are AWESOME on the big screen. And I'm definitely absorbing more subtle details on each viewing.
I think it's too soon to tell whether it goes one way or the other - it could drop a lot thanks to massive over-performance last weekend, or the same growth/word of mouth that defied Sat/Sun predictions before could continue and give it an above-average second outing. I'm hoping for the latter, of course.

Hulk? Smash ALL THE RECORDS. Pretty please with a pair of purple shorts on top?
I'll be seeing it this Sunday, my 12 euros worth.
Even a 63.5% drop will give it a second weekend record. Very excited to see what will happen
The Friday Afternoon Box Office estimates are in from Deadline Hollywood, with an estimate of $80m+ for the weekend. Like everyone else says above, though, only time will actually tell.
I'd love to spend some more of my money on this and go see it a second time, but currently it's only showing in German and I won't do that to myself. Hopefully some other cinema will show the OV soon.
I hate dubbing on principle, but I'm half-curious about how badly the translation could be done (I can just about comprehend German when I already know what's happening...). But I suspect I don't want to know. Joss dialogue has to be second only to Terry Pratchett's wordplay in impossibility to translate faithfully...
Definitely. I still can't believe I used to watch Buffy and Angel on German TV... O_O
I was once visiting a friend in France when the dubbed version of Angel came on, but thankfully my French is bad enough that I barely understood any of it...
I'll be contributing with four more tickets on Saturday. I hardly ever see a movie twice in the theater (Serenity was a notable exception, with 5 viewings) but I really want to see this one again, with the Ds at only 2.

In the clip posted the other day, from the German talk show, it sounded like all the voices were dubbed by the same person. Or was that just me?
I'll be seeing it again for the 3rd time with a large-ish group (six people total) and I'm excited! It's crazy -- given the huge numbers from last weekend and just generally how saturated I am in movie news, it's a kick to remember there are tons of people who haven't seen it yet.

A friend said his Saturday plans are to celebrate a friend's birthday by seeing the movie. I was like, "Cool, he's celebrating by seeing the movie again?" And he replied, "Nope, first time." It hasn't even been out for a week! Duh there are huge swaths of people who are going to see it for the first time.
I'm in the UK, and I know people at work who haven't seen it yet but are intending to!
@mnspnr: that definitely doesn't happen, every character has their own voice. Often famous actors have the same German voice dubbing them for their entire career, or at least from the point on where they became famous.

The German voice of House M.D. sounds really really dark, not like him at all. Always irritates me when I'm visiting home and my parents watch it.
I also know at least six people who are going to watch it this weekend or the one after, because they haven't managed to watch it yet. I really can't wait to see these weekend's numbers :D
Forgot to add: remember, JW himself said that the first weekend is Marvel's responsibility. The second, third, fourth, and so on are his!
Definitely going again - hopefully tomorrow!

As a Russian, I've been too well-acquainted with the horrors of dubbing - I hope you get an original version soon! Also, I just realised how unbearably awkward it must've been to watch the Germany scene dubbed in German...
My husband and I saw it for the first time today. The theater seemed pretty busy for a noon showing.
Going tomorrow, finally, and recruiting my friends.
Illy, I feel with you cause I also don`t want to watch the german version. Still searching for a cinema with OV. As for german scenes in OVs they are usually pretty funny as most of the time the grammar is wrong or something like that.
I'm going again myself, for a third time, to help the cause.
I have to say that I love how everyone's still in the mindset of helping out Joss's work, only this time instead of trying desperately to rescue it from commercial failure we're trying to make it break all-time box office records.
I just had major surgery today, but if it's at all possible, I'm going to take my son up on his offer to take me to the movies for Mother's Day on Sunday. He has not seen The Avengers, yet, but he wants to. I will heal enough to go...
I once watched an entire episode of Law and Order in Czech. You haven't experienced bad dubbing until you watch Law and Order in Czech.
Just got back from my third viewing (first in this weekend) and took two others with me. For a small town 8:45pm showing the theater was pretty full.

Bluelark - I don't think we'll ever be over helping out Joss' work in some way, no matter how much success comes his way. It's too ingrained in many of us.
Made the mistake of watching in 3D the first time. Will be looking for the bits I missed in 2D this week.

Anyone know of any Whedon alum cameos other than Giles or other interesting scenes that might carry special interest to us Joss fans?

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I saw The Avengers in 3D this afternoon (Friday) with my husband for the first, but definitely not last, time. The first thing I noticed was the sheer number of people - there were only a couple of empty seats, which was fairly amazing given it was 2:30 in the afternoon, the first sunny and 70+ degree day this year, and a 21+ only establishment since they serve drinks.

The second thing I noticed was how unprepared I was for my first 3D movie viewing. My eyes did not adjust until the last quarter of the movie, and by then I was sporting a splitting headache. On the bright side, I was so distracted at the beginning I now have a justifiable excuse for going back...only this time I plan to see the movie in regular old 2D. I feel like I missed some details I wouldn't have otherwise; but then, does sitting near the front cause some images to appear blurry? There were a couple shots that looked out of focus to an extreme degree, but I cannot imagine why that would be.
$100m seems almost certain now after Friday's numbers came in at $29m. Which is amazing.
@Deanna_Lynne: I've only seen Avatar, Up, Avengers, and some other (forgettable action) film in 3D, so this is my impression based on that limited sampling. YMMV

I can do without the post-conversion 3D. When the Avengers started, I was thinking pop-up book: a bunch of 2D images at varying depths. This is in contrast to Avatar, where it did feel like 3D images. Or Up, where the computer was handling the animation and could provide "roundness" to the images. The consensus is that Avengers is one of the better post-conversions, which makes me dread going to a film that has an average-level treatment. Other than a few times when Loki was pointing his scepter out of the screen, I was more comfortable when I watched the 2D version.

Did you see a film with "RealD", or did it have some other marketing 3D term? I found this in Wikipedia:
Circular polarization has an advantage over linear polarization, in that the viewer does not need to have their head upright and aligned with the screen for the polarization to work properly.
RealD uses circular polarization, which makes me think that your showing may have used linear polarization. That, combined with sitting up close (and causing you to be somewhat mis-aligned), may have caused your blurriness and headaches.

The other possibility is that you might have vision problem where one eye is suppressed compared to the other. The only way to know is to check if other people in your front row were having the same problem. The e-how article that mentioned this also said it takes a skilled eye doctor to evaluate binocular vision.

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Definitely watching it again. I started in 2D, but planning on hitting it up in 3D. Giles had a cameo???
I'll do my part. I'm going to go see it again tonight. Hurrah for profits!
Anyone know of any Whedon alum cameos other than Giles or other interesting scenes that might carry special interest to us Joss fans?

Alexis Denisof (Wesley) appears as The Other in the mid-credits scene at the end of the film. Enver has a cameo as a NY police officer, but that's it.

And why do people think Anthony Head was in this movie? He's not.
Alexis appears as the Other in three scenes that I can think of. He does the initial voiceover, he has the scene with Loki & all the posturing, & the midcredit scene.

Ashley Johnson, the waitress that Cap saves (who is in at least four scenes) is a Whedon alum as well, from two episodes of Dollhouse. She's also in Much Ado.
Also Jillian Morgese was an extra too. She is playing Hero in Much Ado.
Just saw it again. It was a 3pm screening, mostly kids and families, and it was nearly sold out. When we left, there were the beginnings of a line-up outside.

Finally noticed Enver. I wonder what he was doing there - surely there could have been a slightly bigger part for him somewhere?
Oops. I meant Wesley, not Giles. Just a brain typo.

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